WPX Hosting Review: Real Review of WPX Hosting (2022)


Content publishers have to go through too many trial-and-error experiments to find out what actually works. One of those things is finding the right hosting provider for your website. As a content creator, you are totally unaware of the right choices especially when you are starting out and are relatively new to blogging. The way … Read more

How to Check Total Posts On A WordPress Website

check total number of posts on a website

As content creators, people spend most of their time in content research and find what are the ways their competitors are using to rank their content higher. So when you find out a competitor in your niche who is ranking higher in google results than your website then you generally try to find out even … Read more

Best Free WordPress Plugins For New Website In 2022


You have launched a new website and don’t where to start. Don’t worry at digital markeeter we got you covered. This article will thoroughly cover this topic and we will guide you on how you can set up your new WordPress website from scratch. Why is it important? Setting up a new WordPress website properly … Read more

The Best Ad Network That Pays Most For Monetizing Social Media Traffic In 2022

Although there has been huge progress in monetizing organic traffic, But there are not many options for monetizing social traffic. There are people who work on search engine optimization on the websites and over time, they are able to generate a good amount of organic traffic from google and other similar search engines. Many good … Read more

How to Create Youtube Videos Without Face


Looking for new ways to make money? Have you given a thought to starting your own youtube channel? You could be the next big thing on youtube, what is the thing that is stopping you from being famous? Youtube has become the main source of entertainment. Even the new platforms like TikTok haven’t been able … Read more

The Best Facebook Post Scheduler For Scheduling Posts On Social Media


Are you a business or an influencer? looking to manage their social media accounts or Facebook pages? and you are too busy to do so? Are you looking to find an easier alternative that basically takes over most of the hassle and automates the process of managing your Facebook business pages? If that’s the problem … Read more

Synthesys Review – Realistic Human Video/Voice Over Generator (25th Sep 23 Update)

synthesis io review

What is Synthesys.io¬† Synthesys or meetsyntheses (As it is being advertised under two domains) is an ai text to speech and text to video software. Recently, synthesys launched a lifetime deal on Appsumo, as they looked really promising and offered extremely useful services, therefore, digital markeeter decided to give it a try and see if … Read more

Adbeat Free Native Ads Spying Tool

Native ads are a form of sponsored content that matches the layout of your website and feels like a part of the website itself. If you are an advertiser or even a content creator. You would surely spend a lot of time researching and finding new and viral topics. As a researcher, we want to … Read more