Adbeat Free Native Ads Spying Tool

    Native ads are a form of sponsored content that matches the layout of your website and feels like a part of the website itself.

    If you are an advertiser or even a content creator. You would surely spend a lot of time researching and finding new and viral topics. As a researcher, we want to research various parts of our content strategy, for example, it could be analyzing multiple headlines, thumbnails descriptions, etc.

    Although there are many spy tools for tracking ads on platforms like Facebook and Google etc. But there is not a lot of choice for native ads tracking.

    So today digital markeeter will tell you about an amazing native ad tracking tool that will give you an initial push to learn and analyze more about native ads.

    The name of the native ad spying tool is adbeat.

    to track any native ad simply create a free account on adbeat and then insert the domain in the search bar. it would show you all the ads being run by that advertiser. You can also see what type of ads they are running and from how long any ad has been active. This tool will give you pretty detailed insights about any native ad.

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