Ask Me Anything About Facebook Pages

How about someone who knows and understands the answers to your questions?

Personally, if I could get someone who has been earning through social media from the past many years I would love to ask him a lot of questions.

Over the past 7 years, this is literally something that I have done. Especially working on facebook and monetizing the traffic from this platform.

Apart from that, I have expensive experience in youtube, Instagram and Pinterest. After successfully working on facebook pages and growing a lot of them and losing a lot of them I can say I am someone who has seen it all.

Been There Done That

I have followed the experts who have grown their pages to millions within a few days (Viral In Usa) being one of them.

I have followed people who used different strategies to grow their Facebook pages successfully and I implemented a few of those strategies successfully myself and invented my own strategies as well.

This blog will not necessarily be tips on growing your pages instead the reason for explaining all the above is that I might have the answers to problems you might be facing from a long time. So I would love to help you if I can.

Just ask your questions below and I will reply to all of them. Well, I am not going to get like 1000s of them so I know I could make time 3-4 comments on the blog as I don’t have much traffic here :p

Bonus: The resources i found very helpful on all kind of questions!

  3. (now they transformed to digital buying and selling website but back in the day their members provided great information on Facebook pages and other social media).

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