Easiest Way To Create Autoblogging Website On WordPress Using Wp Automatic

    Making money while sleeping cannot be more true about auto blogging. Autoblogging is a great way to make extra money on the side. you can allow it to run on the side totally on auto and check for results after some time. There are many different scenarios where auto blogging can be really useful for you as a business owner.

    What is auto-blogging?

    In simple words, auto-blogging is automatically copying content from another website through a plugin or service and pasting that content on your website. So it eliminates manual work for you and your website keeps getting new content published every day and that too totally automatically.

    How Do I benefit from auto-blogging?

    Autoblogging can be useful for various purposes, there are many viral and hidden tricks to make money from auto blogging. Using viral techniques you can generate thousands of visitors who will visit your website.

    Autoblogging is generally a long-term solution that grows your traffic over time. Once you start auto blogging you start receiving traffic from various social media and other platforms. Most popular of them are mentioned below.

    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Linkedin

    These are just a few examples

    How To Setup Autoblogging On WordPress Website?

    The easiest way to create an auto blogging website is doing it through WordPress. WordPress is the best platform that allows you to set up a website in no time and it’s highly customizable. So it makes it a perfect choice for an auto blogging website.

    There are many different ways to create an auto blogging website on WordPress. You may use various plugins like wp automatic, RSS aggregator which are the most popular plugins used for this purpose or you could use websites like ifttt which allow you to create an auto blogging website totally free.

    In this article, we will teach you about the most used way of creating an auto blogging website on WordPress. Here is what you will require to create an auto blogging website

    • Source website
    • A ready WordPress website
    • wp automatic plugin
    • A source website is a website from where you will fetch content that will be published on your website. It’s important that it is a WordPress website and has an RSS URL
    • A ready WordPress websiteĀ This is your WordPress website where the content will be published.
    • Wp automatic pluginĀ We will install this plugin on your website this will fetch and publish content on your website. It’s important to know that wp automatic is a paid plugin that costs 37 USD. And it’s totally worth it. Having said that this plugin is also available free on various forums But this way is not recommended as it will increase the chances of your website getting hacked.

    As you know the basics now. So let’s create the auto blogging website on WordPress which automatically fetches and publishes content on your website.

    Open your website and go to plugins. From there click add new plugin and install the wp automatic plugin that you downloaded from codecanyon, simply install the plugin.

    Once installed the plugin will appear in the menu on the left-hand side. Find your plugin and go to its settings section.

    In Settings scroll down to the bottom on the right-hand side and find an area where it asks you to insert your license code. Once the license is accepted and activated now you are ready to set up auto blogging in just a few more steps.

    The next step is to get the rss URL or feed URL for the website from where you will fetch the content.

    To get rss URL of any WordPress website simply add Feed at the end of any WordPress website URL. From example

    The second link above will be your WordPress rss URL. This works for most WordPress websites. But if any WordPress website owner wants he can block their rss URL. So don’t be surprised if you cannot get RSS URLs for some websites.

    A WordPress website with the right RSS URL looks like this.

    Now last and final step, Goto all campaigns click add new. In the campaign, assign a name and the campaign type choose to feed.

    And type the feed URL here. There are many more options that will customize your experience. You can skip them for now.

    After this click publish. After published click run and you will see posts will start getting published on your website.


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