The Best Ad Network That Pays Most For Monetizing Social Media Traffic In 2022

Although there has been huge progress in monetizing organic traffic, But there are not many options for monetizing social traffic.

There are people who work on search engine optimization on the websites and over time, they are able to generate a good amount of organic traffic from google and other similar search engines.

Many good ad networks have been launched which pay a really good amount for monetizing your website content which generates organic traffic. Some of those ad networks are Ad Thrive, Ad Maven and Ezoic, etc.

Their cpc and ctrs are sky-high.

Now with those kinds of options available for organic traffic, how about the publishers which generate social traffic from platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc?

If you run a website that has social traffic as the main source of traffic then you must know how hard it is to get better rates from ad networks.

Although nothing beats google and still google AdSense if not the best but still one of the best ways to monetize your social media traffic.

The thing with Google AdSense is that it can block your account anytime if they find any violations on your website and this can cause huge revenue loss, secondly, it is recommended to use some other form of native ad network on your website so you could maximize your earnings and monetize the remaining traffic which does not get monetized by google Adsense.

Recently at digital markeeter, we did some experiments and tried multiple native ad networks along with google AdSense to find out the difference in rates for publishers.

We tried ads keeper and revcontent along with google AdSense on multiple websites and the results were astonishing actually.

We have been monetizing our websites with revcontent for many years and felt like their rates were getting poorer, and the cost per click and cpms were terrible. So we decided to give another native ad network a chance and see how it goes.

Here are the results

We compared the rates on the same amount of traffic for both ad networks. with only ad code placed below the article.

With revcontent on 19k daily visitors, we made 8.32 USD. Yes, it’s terrible

With ads keeper on 17k daily visitors, we made 68.03 USD.

This comparison makes the ads keeper a clear winner. We would highly recommend using ads keeper instead of any other native network.


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