Facebook Silently Cracks Down On S4S Pages


From the past 2-3 months, Facebook has been limiting the pages quite regularly. Now this limitation can be in different ways which will be discussed below in detail. Dead Reach With No Expiry Mentioned 7 Day Restriction Multiple 7 Day Restriction Dead Reach With No Expiry Mentioned For example, they might silently kill your page … Read more

Ask Me Anything About Facebook Pages

Ask me anything on facebook pages

How about someone who knows and understands the answers to your questions? Personally, if I could get someone who has been earning through social media from the past many years I would love to ask him a lot of questions. Over the past 7 years, this is literally something that I have done. Especially working on … Read more

Facebook’s Aggressive Spam Detection Feels More Like Bullying

facebook spam detection

Facebook is pushing the limits in almost everything. We are afraid that the effort in trying to achieve perfection does not end up being the destruction of facebook. Currently, Facebook is adopting a really aggressive approach to spam detection (Well in almost everything to be honest). This is tested on multiple Facebook pages. Where facebook bot … Read more