WPX Hosting Review: Real Review of WPX Hosting (2022)


Content publishers have to go through too many trial-and-error experiments to find out what actually works. One of those things is finding the right hosting provider for your website. As a content creator, you are totally unaware of the right choices especially when you are starting out and are relatively new to blogging. The way … Read more

Best Free WordPress Plugins For New Website In 2022


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The Best Ad Network That Pays Most For Monetizing Social Media Traffic In 2022

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Bugs And Fixes Of Elessi WordPress/Woocommerce Theme On Themeforest: A Complete Guide

How do I hide these variation options like this from showing on hover image on the homepage? To deactivate this function please follow these steps: From Dashboard > Appearance > NasaTheme Options > Variation Swatches Please turn off this function! How to change images of these banners in the middle of the homepage of elssi … Read more

Solution For Original Links Not Getting Stripped In WordPress Automatic


after selecting the strip original link you still getting clickable share button for the original feed website. For example check below. Make These settings in your wp automatic plugin. After you have saved those settings now you need to go to plugin settings and make the changes as shown in the image below. Simply save … Read more

WordPress Featured Image Not Debugging On Facebook – Easy Solution

featured image debugging facebook

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