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Complete Guide To Contact Facebook Support




Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Digital Markeeter

It’s just not easy contacting Facebook support, especially these days. Whether you need to reach out to them to report something or discuss the problems you might be facing with your Facebook account or Facebook page, it’s not that straightforward.

Imagine going on Facebook help center threads and getting lost there. We all have been there and done that. They are not really helpful and its very hard to find the relevant information that we are looking for.

Google is mostly more helpful in finding any problem regarding Facebook. There are many websites like Digital Markeeter, which provide extensive articles and useful information to understand Facebook and its working.

But still, there are very few or none of the websites, who are specifically designed for Facebook. But here at Digital Markeeter you can see I have mostly published articles on Facebook.

And there are a few good things about it. Firstly, we mostly share our experiences based on our findings. We have actually come across the situations that we are sharing here. And this is what brings so much value to this website and articles.

Secondly, Digital Markeeter is run by a group of individuals who actually have been earning from Facebook mainly from many past years and this makes Facebook our niche.

And because Facebook does not only make us money from itself, for example, you have to use your websites, hosting, domains, etc to earn revenue that makes us pretty good in other things as well. For example, WordPress, Seo, Hosting, etc. And we will surely publish articles on these topics in the future as well.

There are different ways to contact Facebook support which could be categorized as follows.

  1. Facebook Help Centre.

  2. Report A Problem.

  3. Facebook Online Support Chat.

  4. Facebook support phone numbers.

  5. Facebook’s physical office address.

  6. Contact Facebook support through email.

  7. Contact Facebook via other social media platforms.

Below the ways complete details for contacting Facebook support via various methods.

Facebook Unpublished Page Appeal Links


Facebook General Support Emails

Both above URLs can be used to contact Facebook for appealing unpublished pages. We also contacted Facebook and Facebook provided us with all the email addresses to contact Facebook for deleted or unpublished Facebook pages. We were provided with these emails on a question to appeal for deleted or unpublished Facebook pages. But after confirming the purpose of these Facebook contact email addresses they confirmed that these emails are for general facebook support but should be helpful in appealing for unpublished/deleted pages.

Facebook could not provide us with the wait time to receive replies from these email addresses. But we were told it will not take that long.

Facebook Instant Articles Review Support

Facebook has made it extremely complicated to get approved for instant articles. You are going to need this link if you are trying to apply for Facebook instant articles. Through this link, you can reach Facebook instant article support team, and they will check the problem you are facing and answer you accordingly.

Facebook Instant Articles Review Support
Facebook Instant Articles Review Support

Facebook Live Chat Support

Facebook live chat support is a great way to contact Facebook support effortlessly for any kind of help or guidance. Facebook chat support is really good and you don’t have to wait long to get connected. Facebook live chat support replies in seconds most of the time.

But, one down point of facebook live chat is that they are not mostly available. They claim to be available online through this link from Monday to Friday but this is hardly the case.

The link is surely correct and this is the only link to reach Facebook live chat support. I mostly have better luck when in contact with them on Tuesday between 10 am-2 pm local time. So if you see them offline mostly then try contacting them in these times, it might help too.

Here is the link to contact Facebook live chat support :


This is how it looks like when they are not available on the chat

link to contact facebook live chat support
link to contact facebook live chat support

This is an ongoing article and with time I will populate it more with the most relevant links to contact facebook support. If you like the article then subscribe to my newsletter. It’s the best way to keep in touch personally. We are going to share a lot of facebook tips and tricks in the future. So make sure you don’t miss them. Subscribe!

Link For Requesting Facebook Watch Channel

Facebook introduced watch channels in August 2017 and it quickly got popular. Facebook initially launched watch channels to compete with Youtube, Facebook intends to also launch revenue sharing with publishers, just like youtube.

Therefore it seems Facebook watch channels are one step in that direction. You may request Facebook to allow you a watch page, but currently, it’s only available to United States publishers and is not rolled out worldwide.

But you can still apply for the program and Facebook promises that they will inform you when this feature is rolled out worldwide.

Here is the link if you want to apply for the Facebook watch channel.

Request Access To Facebook Signal


The Facebook signal is content curation and content discovery tool by Facebook. it was launched back in 2015 to help journalists find authentic and relevant content. This shows how serious Facebook has continuously been regarding sharing authentic content on Facebook.

facebook signal is currently only available to journalists, so you can only gain access to it if you are a journalist and are working for a news media company.

here is the link to request access to the Facebook signal.

Facebook Payout Support Form

With the introduction of Facebook ad breaks and instant articles. Many people monetize their pages through these features and many of them are either not aware of the payout timings or come across many issues like not receiving the payments on time or late.

So for any inquiry, you can use this link to contact Facebook support:

Contacting Facebook Without Logging Into Your Account

There could be some cases where you might want to contact Facebook without logging into your Facebook account.

Such circumstances could include when your account is suspended but you still want to contact Facebook for something important. Although there does not seem to be a special way to contact Facebook support without logging in to your account.

But you could use the link below to send your message to Facebook.

Apart from this link, you could also use the above email addresses that are provided above to contact Facebook support.







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