How to Create Youtube Videos Without Face

Looking for new ways to make money?

Have you given a thought to starting your own youtube channel?

You could be the next big thing on youtube, what is the thing that is stopping you from being famous?

Youtube has become the main source of entertainment. Even the new platforms like TikTok haven’t been able to really put a considerable dent on youtube. The reason is that youtube has been able to keep itself relevant, and youtube has been able to avoid unnecessary controversies like Facebook too.

a thought to starting your own youtube channel?
How starting your own YouTube channel

Here are some of the reasons which tell us youtube is here to stay and has a bright future also.

  • Youtube is partner friendly
  • The Youtube algorithm works for everyone
  • Youtube innovates with time
  • Youtube policies are easy to understand and follow.
  • Youtube is partner friendly

At digital markeeter we think this is something which is just not talked about enough. This kind of commitment is what makes or breaks the companies but it is so underrated and no one talks about it.

Whether it’s Amazon or youtube, the reason that amazon and youtube care about their content creators has to be one of the biggest reasons why these platforms are successful.

When you join youtube, it feels very welcoming youtube allows you to grow. It has simple formula just create content and We will give you an audience. And if you make mistakes during that don’t worry we will allow improvement over time.

Youtube allows you to monetize your videos as soon as you have 1000 subscribers and if youtube demonetizes your youtube channel then it also allows you to re-apply after correcting the content guidelines.

Personally, at digital markeeter we have been able to re-monetize many of our youtube channels in past after losing the monetization status.

The Youtube algorithm works for everyone
How Youtube algorithm works for everyone
  • The Youtube algorithm works for everyone

Youtube probably has the best audience algorithm amongst all the platforms. Whether it’s TikTok or Facebook, youtube beats them all.

Tiktok is much better than Facebook but TikTok’s algorithm does not work for everyone and it is also harder to understand. On TikTok, you could create good content regularly but you are not guaranteed success if you continue to do so for a longer period of time.

Tiktok also might freeze your account every now and then and you will not understand what this happened and when will it go away.

Facebook algorithm is just unreliable. This is mainly because facebook’s priorities keep changing. For example in 2018 there was a clear shift in Facebook advertising. And facebook killed the page’s reach so businesses spend more on advertising.

And even when the business shifted to advertising, everyone knows that running Facebook ads is a nightmare. There is always a constant threat of being banned anytime without any reason.

And on top of that Facebook support absolutely sucks. Then don’t approve page appeals and they hardly return banned ad accounts back.

Plus, the Facebook algorithm is too unreliable. Sometimes they will give good reach, sometimes totally kill it. Sometimes give good reach to certain domains on the same page and sometimes nothing will work.

Now when it comes to youtube, it does not kill your videos. If you have created a good video that does offer good value then you will notice your video will attract more and regular views over time.

If you create a new channel, put regular new videos. then youtube will give you nice distribution in the newsfeed on youtube. And if your videos are good then you are almost certain to go viral.

youtube content creator
youtube content creator

I remember when I started working on one of our youtube channels after some time. I was regularly creating videos and really wanted something to work. One night I posted the video and after a few hours when almost asleep I checked the stats and I saw it had 350k views. I rubbed my eyes and thought I must be mistaken it would be 350 views. And what do I see? Yes, I confirmed it was 350k views, and that video when on to gain millions of views.

And guess what it’s been over a year it still brings a reasonable amount of views.

So, if you are thinking to start a youtube channel with the goal of making money then this is the right choice.

Now as we know whether you should start a youtube channel or not and whether you could be successful or not!


Now, how about I tell you how to create youtube videos without showing your face. There could be many reasons for you not to show your face.

One of those reasons is generally you are not from English-speaking country and your accent could be hard to understand for your channel audience.

But whatever the reason if you want to create youtube videos without showing your face then it’s not a problem.

Let’s discuss, how to create a successful youtube channel that publishes videos without showing faces. we are going to discuss step by step. And I will be telling you my personal formula for how I create videos for my youtube channel and earn 1000s of dollars every month.

If you are willing to spend a little then I will be recommending you following tools which will help you create awesome quality videos in no time. I mainly use the following tools so I could create the videos actually in no time and I have to do the least manual work.

As I don’t rely on employees and prefer to work on my youtube channel myself, therefore these tools save a ton of my time.

But don’t worry if you cannot spend money and are looking for a free way to create youtube videos I will mention that too as a second and free method at the end of this article.

So the two paid tools that I would recommend for creating youtube videos are the following.

  • Pictory
  • Word hero
  • Canva


As a professional youtube, I cannot stress enough how much software I have tried to finally find a video-creating software that actually works and suits my needs.

in downloadable software, I have tried, Filmora, and CamStudio and in web-based software which seems to be the latest way the software is distributed, I have tested, invideo, and lumen5 to name a few.

You would be wondering how pictory is better than all those. So here are some of the best features that I love about pictory.


  • Script to video feature
  • Link to video feature
  • Free story blocks background music
  • Free story blocks video clips.
  • Free speechelo voice over
  • Fast video creation
  • A huge improvement on bugs
  • Beautifully designs captions
  • Easy to understand dashboard
  • Very helpful Facebook community group.
  • Pictory chooses the right graphics for your videos.


The only thing I could think of right now is that their website customer support could really improve. As it’s hard to contact them and they take time to respond and clearly understand the questions and thoroughly answer the question.

Their email response is very generic and not helpful.

How to create a video in pictory?

In pictory, there are two options that I personally use most of the time.

You could either fetch the content from your blog post.

For that simply use the article to video feature at the bottom of the dashboard. When you insert the link and click proceed then pictory will fetch the content from your website.

Once you are happy with the fetched content then you could proceed again, and now pictory will automatically add the relevant graphics in your video.

I have noticed pictory is really good in choosing the right graphics for your videos.

the second option is the script to video.

This is the option that I choose most of the time. Because it is easier to format the content with a script as sometimes it is possible pictory could import irrelevant content through the link to video feature.

With the script feature, I know everything will be right and I can format content as I wish. All the other process of creating video remains the same.

  • Word hero

Word hero is an ai content writer and it is really good at it. It can write really good quality content on almost any topic. and if you know how to use an ai writer then it will deliver awesome content quality.

Don’t forget after you have created the youtube video, it is really important to come up with a clickable headline. Your video headline and featured image have a huge impact on your video going viral on youtube. so it is really important to come up with a very good headline.

Wordhero has a ton of features, But here we will use word hero only for one feature. and that feature is called blog headline.

We will use this feature to come up with a great headline for our youtube video. For that simply insert the keyword and wordhero will suggest to you some really unique headlines. You can use them and make small changes if required.

  • Canva

After creating a good headline, we need a good thumbnail or featured image and canva is the best software for creating any kind of graphics.

Now, who does not know about canva. It has so many graphics and features and customizations that no other software can compete with it.

Use canva to create amazing thumbnails.

Here it is, the whole process of creating a youtube video without a face. Let us know in the comments below if liked the information.

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