Facebook Ad Breaks Payments Date Schedule Explained

This can be very confusing when you don’t know when you are going to receive your payments for next month. And with facebook nothing is obvious.

For some reason, they want to keep you guessing and will not provide clear answers to most of the questions. Whatever you ask they will provide you links which have general information rather than the specific information that you might be looking for.

So this blog post is specifically for facebook ad break payments. So if you are running Facebook ad breaks on your facebook page and are waiting for the finalized earnings that at least assures you what amount you will receive then the date for finalized earnings is this.

Earnings are finalized on 7th of every month.

You can see your finalized earnings in your payments account or in creators studio.

To view your finalized earnings clicks on the drop-down menu near the question mark symbol.

Now click payments in the bottom of left of the screen. Now click payout hud and then earnings.

Here you can see you finalized earnings as the pending amount.

Finalized earnings are released on 21st of every month by Facebook as per facebook itself.

But the above condition of releasing payments is not necessarily correct as facebook actually releases the payments earlier than promised.

This is true as soon as our personal experience is concerned. When we contacted Facebook about the release of ad breaks payments, we were told the 21st of every month.

But actually, the payment was released by Facebook on 15th. So it’s safe to say

Facebook actually releases the ad breaks payments on 15th of every month.

Update 17th Sep 2019: It seems like they are not anymore releasing payments earlier than 21st of every month.

So i would say you still need to wait until 21st of every month and then it takes few days for it to arrive in your bank account.

What To Do If You Don’t Receive Your Ad Breaks Payment


I received two comments on this post so far and both questions were regarding the late release of their payment or not receiving their ad breaks payments so far.

The users informed that its over 16th of month and they did not receive their payments yet. If you read my article above i did confirm the dates provided by facebook regarding the release of ad breaks payment. In which i confirmed the official release to be 21st of every month.

So probably i was just lucky to receive the payment earlier than 21st and you should stick to actual payment date provided by facebook.

If there is any new update regarding this then we will surely update it here.

Got questions? Just ask and I will reply and update the post accordingly.

36 thoughts on “Facebook Ad Breaks Payments Date Schedule Explained”

  1. It’s 20th May of the month,my payment is not released yet?
    And if it’s okay if they “Legal Name” from payout settings is different from the bank name?

    • Sorry about late reply, somehow your comment went to spam folder.
      So before publishing this article i had a chat facebook support and they confirmed me the above dates. They confirm they release the payment on 21st of everything. But still i would give it 10 more days as sometimes banks take long too.
      Apart from that i believe name matters. Actually my payment was rejected and i had to go through who setup again.
      I am editting this post and adding a little more information as what to do if your payment is late and how to get it fixed.

  2. Took me forever to find a page like this with a little bit of info about payouts haha

    It’s now the 22nd and my pay for the previous month is still pending. Do you know if that is normal?

  3. Some how my payment was sent back last month. So I switched my payout option for this month to PayPal. Has there been any formation on it this option is faster or longer?

  4. Facebook owes me over $7,000 in adbreaks payments. Everytime i ask questions regarding my payment all my cases get closed. Last message i received from them was: “hThanks for your reply. We appreciate your patience. After careful review, we regret to inform you that we’re unable to take further action regarding this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue.”

  5. Hello, my problems are 3.
    1. i generated 50,000 usd for about three months now facebook can only put my payment to Pending and then put it on hold on 21fst even without recently changing my banks details as they claim

    2. i can’t check my remittance and invoice, all i get is this> Invoices You don’t have any invoices for this financial entity during the date range specified.

    and in remittance i got this> There was an error while fetching your payout history.

    please are you also facing this problems?

  6. Hi,

    I have a few questions about our ad breaks payout.
    We already received our invoice for November Payout.
    But today is already 27th but no payout found on our bank account.

    P.S. I changed my bank details on the 7th of this month. Is this the possible reason Why our payout is taking long?
    We’ll only just 1K USD for November and we think it is not because of the amount. Right?

    TIA for your response. <3

    • changing your bank account is probably the reason for this. Its better you contact facebook which could be done by going in your profile settings/payouts/contact support

  7. Hi John,
    I have a question about payout. Do you have to accumulate 100 USD in a single month so they can pay you the the revenue of the previous month which is on hold because is less than 100 USD? For example: In December i accumulated 94 USD an in January only 22 USD. Now, do they pay these 2 months together or i must accumulate 100 USD in February so they can pay me the revenue of december and January in March?
    I don’t know if i was clear.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Your total pending revenue should be atleast 100 usd. so if you have total 100 usd pending revenue then you should receive your money on next payout.

  8. hello, do you guys have any update on this? its 23rd of the month and my status is still pending and the other one is “this earning hasn’t paid yet”. I use paypal btw 🙂

  9. Hello John, is it necessary to submit the W-8 Form in order to receive adbreak payout? I’m from the Philippines. And I also would like to ask if you are still getting your payouts until today? Thank you.

  10. Hello sir my octobor payment was still on hold i request them to release that but still they can not provide proper answer it’s my application advertisement payment.

  11. Hello! Can I ask if facebook automatically deposit the Ad break earnings into my paypal or do I need to do something to cash-out my earnings! Thank you! Hope you will answer this. This is my first time and I just really don’t know how to transfer my earnings into my bank account.


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