4 Things Facebook Hates But Won’t Admit

Problems are good because you get to learn a lot. Especially when it’s related to your business on Facebook. For your business to grow its important to know what are the touchy points on Facebook and understand why facebook reacts to those changes in your circumstances.

Once you understand all this then it will help you to improve your business management skills on Facebook. Facebook’s history shows its management tackling the challenges and competition and very aggressive way which probably gives an idea of the approach of facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

To fix the issues on their platform, the Facebook team is pretty unapologetic and very straightforward.

Well, they are straight forward in taking decisions that especially go against the users but unfortunately, Facebook by choice does not like to provide the reasonings of their actions and rather leave it on the user to understand what mistake he could have which could have caused this issue.

Facebook does this probably so users who intend to use the platform in an abusive manner cannot figure out the solution to such issues and this affects the honest business partners on Facebook also.

Therefore now digital markeeter feels it our responsibility to provide as much knowledge and information to our readers as possible. Because we have been working with Facebook for the past many years so digital markeeter believes we might be able to contribute to a better understanding of facebook’s platform.

Issues With Facebook

if you use Facebook to promote your business whether its running Facebook ads or even managing your Facebook page then it’s pretty understandable if you come across issues on your Facebook account for example issues like

  • getting your ad accounts disabled.
  • getting business manager disabled,
  • getting restricted in joining/posting groups,
  • getting different kinds of restrictions on your Facebook pages,
  • Facebook pages getting unpublished etc.

If you are a long term user then you will agree that these are the nightmares that common users have to go through quite often.

This Is What Facebook Hates

Digital Markeeter faces such challenges on a daily basis and we learn a lot from this. And according to digital makeeter these the things we believe which trigger facebook’s algorithm that goes against the users.

  1. Location Change
  2. Very engaged page + Being Monetised Well + Posting A lot On Page
  3. Poor Reputation Of Your Facebook Account
  4. Having Many Pages On the Same Account

Now instead of seeing all above separately, you need to see them together and as one. Although each single step mentioned above can cause problems, but the intensity will probably increase if match multiple or all the above conditions.


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