Facebook At It Again | Adds 3rd Security Check For Page Publishing Authorisation

With Facebook, you cannot get peace of mind. You always know they will be bringing in new updates to make it harder every time.

I will be writing adding further information in this article within gradually to discuss the mindset of Facebook administration.

But for now, I will just be providing information about the 3rd update that we just experienced and thought we should let you know in time, so you might not lose access to any page in future.

Until now for being able to publish on facebook page there were two and quick account verifications that could get you started within 5 minutes. They were as follows.

  1. Add Phone Number To Your Account
  2. Confirm your location

So these were the two security checks that you had to do to publish and make changes to your page again.

But just recently (we experienced this check today) Facebook launched a third security check, which is

Submit Your Id

This is how it looks like after submitting the id.


Now this a form of extreme verification that Facebook is requiring. This kind of verification generally used to trigger with miss handling of user account like spamming etc.

But above verification triggered without any of suspicious activity.

Note: This verification does not appear by default for page publishing permission. We are positive there is something that triggers this verification. But we are also positive its going to appear more often in future and probably going to be added as default 3rd verification in facebook publishing options

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