Starting A New Facebook Blog Series Based On Real Life Facebook Issues

Digital Markeeter is starting a new Facebook blog series where  Digital Markeeter is going to share the stories, issues and solutions of people who manage Facebook accounts or pages.

Facebook Blog Series
Facebook Blog Series

In this series, We are going to rely on personal experiences, client experiences, and most experiences of users that read my blogs and email me what happened to them. I will try to describe completely what issues the users faced how they got banned or how they got unbanned and what caused it. These blogs will be basically news updates, Meaning it would be like “Facebook page unpublished because i spammed like this! or “Facebook account banned because i  did this” “I think this will help most users understand Facebook better.

In these blogs, there will be no beating around the bushes, Digital Markeeter will directly inform users of the exact actions user did that put them in trouble and what that trouble was, and what they did to get out of it if they did.


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