New Facebook Verification: Collaboration With Email Providers

It seems like some kind of collaborated effort between Facebook and email service providers is going on to verify the Facebook accounts.

it seems like Facebook has developed some kind of understanding with email service providers.

Now before I continue more on this I want to make it clear this article is based on personal experience. 

Not only this article but most articles that I write on this website are based on my personal experiences and solutions or reasonings are also provided based on personal analysis and experiences also.

So always consider any information as first-hand information by Digital Markeeter especially when it’s about Facebook.

They are many chances that you don’t read the information I provide anywhere else because most people write the articles on keywords popularity or what people are searching, whereas digital markeeter writes on the latest updates and verifications by Facebook.

I have been writing a lot about Facebook trying their best to remove spam accounts or spam activity.

And with the time, facebook’s effort only seems to be improving and its algorhythm is beoming more and more better at doing this.

I have been writing a lot about the Facebook algorithm and its artificial intelligence since I started this blog. 

Since I started writing about the Facebook newsfeed algorithm and its verification system I get more and more convinced that they are getting better every day and it’s not possible to follow the same old techniques of managing or creating multiple accounts for whatever purposes.

What Does Facebook want?

It is pretty clear so far that Facebook desperately wants you to stop creating multiple or spammy accounts for whatever reasons you might do so. Now although it’s still possible to manage multiple Facebook accounts but Facebook has come up with so many kinds of verifications that you will start feeling such activity as a burden and would rather try to avoid it.


Why People create multiple/spammy accounts

There are many reasons for this some people actually engage in spammy activities to monetize their Facebook accounts while some create just because they don’t trust facebook’s artificially intelligent algorithm.

Facebook has developed so many kinds of checkpoints and its so reactive to those points that it might disable your account, unpublish your pages or ban your ad accounts even when its algorithm detects a single red flag which I have mentioned in the last article.

What’s The New Verification

Its seems like there is some kind of collaboration going on between Facebook platform and email providers. 

What’s actually happening is that if you access your inactive account and try to log in for anything you might want to facebook then in seconds you will receive a new verification message to simply log in with the code that is sent on your email address. 

Now that seems very easy, right? But the catch is when you will log in to your email address then it will also put you on verification and will ask you the phone number. 

Isn’t that very straight forward as well? Nope, it’s not that straight forward. If it’s your backup account that you don’t access a lot then people don’t tend to add the right phone number in their email accounts and rather use some services like smspva to simply verify their email account one time and then forget about it.

So, what’s happening is that people are simply losing access to their email addresses as they don’t have the phone numbers linked with them or they don’t have actual phone numbers linked which could be accessed later on.


Temporary Solution

Although at the moment digital markeeter cannot provide you solution to this problem you can certainly prepare yourself right now to avoid even getting into such trouble.

  • Save as much information about your accounts as possible
  • Add an actual phone number and keep it safe

Permanent Solution

As much as its risky but it seems the right way to go about it. You must use

  • Original ids to access your account
  • Move your assets to original ids.
  • Reduce your spam activity
  • keep less than 10 Facebook accounts
  • Save every id information about your Facebook account and email address.

How Could Facebook Help To Reduce Number Of Spammy Accounts

There is a very strong feeling against facebook support and its algorithm within publishers community that they don’t care about their users and mistakenly delete accounts, unpublish pages, ban ad accounts and when contacted with support then their general and final decision is almost always in denial mode.

Their decisions give the impression that they make their minds right from the start to reject appeals. This is what forces the non-spammy community of facebook publishers to rely on such activities so they could make sure if one account is deleted by mistake then they have got some kind of backup.

Digital markeeter would also want to suggest that Facebook should not see it as black or white only.

How it seems to work is that the Facebook algorithm detects you most as suspicious and then the support instead of trying to understand its computer algorithm and it could be wrong they tend to not be helpful almost always.

Now an example of this is that recently I published a Facebook bug update which was causing people to lose access to their pages. And it happened with us also.

We lost 3 pages in the duration of almost a month. then appealed provided all the very proves that there were bugs in the Facebook account about which we were informing them even month before the pages started getting unpublished.

So even after submitting appeals Facebook support denied the appeal than after few weeks of that republished one page and 7 days after that republished another page. Now hopefully third would be returned also.

The point to say is that there is a complete disconnect between actual people who are facing the problems and the actual people who are making decisions.

Facebook chat support works as the third person in between the user and facebook decision team and they act as messengers only who don’t have any decision power of anything which could influence the decision team. And it is also strong impression that chat support is not able to convey an actual issue to Facebook decision team

So Facebook should create direct contact with users and decision-taking support. Also, Facebook should also relax the publishers who are trying to do the right things. By this, we mean that Facebook should not detect every time that

  • The location change is bad
  • IP is bad
  • Having many pages on id is bad.

Few Clarifications At The End

Now there is a complete possibility that this is not a new Facebook verification rather there could be issues no my end.

for example

  • Ip address issue
  • My Facebook activity

So, what you need to take away from this article is that just have your information saved and make sure it’s accessible always. Because i can assure you that will help you for a long time in future.

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