Facebook Groups – Should You Create A Private Or Public Group? This Posts Answers All Questions

    From past many years facebook has given huge importance to facebook groups and facebook has been slowly but continuously developing facebook groups.

    There was a push in recent past when facebook almost killed facebook pages by killing the reach, but still facebook groups never faced harsh restrictions and kept growing.

    Facebook has been a huge source of going viral on social media. A single facebook post can turn you into a star over night. A Single post could generate thousands of leads and bring ton of traffic.

    Facebook is essential part of all marketers social media strategy. Recently facebook has been showing signs of life again i am going to more about this in my next post that i am working on.

    But in this article we are going to discuss facebook groups and which group type i mean public or private should you choose when you create a group.

    Facebook Groups

    Have you ever checked your posts through crowd tangle which generated some traffic and when you see crowd tangle analytics that it got plenty of shares within the group.

    And you find-out actually a huge chunk of traffic was brought by your post which was shared in a group probably by your followers.

    If you are finding ways to bring more traffic and generate more leads for your business then you must work on facebook. If you are able to turn your facebook group into a community you are going to get very engaged users.

    Now which group type should you create? Facebook public groups or private? Let’s discuss this below.

    Facebook Public Groups

    So you created a facebook group and have been working on it from a long time but still you don’t have enough followers and engaged users?

    The reason for this issue is you probably created the wrong type of facebook group. And the answers to which group type you should choose is that Always choose facebook public group when you are creating a facebook group for your facebook page.

    Now why is that? why dont the private groups work that great?

    In private groups people cannot share your posts and your posts are limited to only the poeple who are within the group. Plus one other big issue is that you cannot convert private facebook group to public.

    When you create a public group people can find your group easily, join easily and publish easily. Plus when they share the posts then the posts are hidden from their friends and family like it happens with facebook private posts.

    In public facebook group everyone can engage with your posts. I created and linked a facebook group with my facebook a year before and got like 30 followers. Whereas i created a public facebook group and linked to same page and i had 120 followers only in 5 days. Yes this is all my personal experience.

    So i highly recommend you to go for public facebook groups.

    Private Facebook Groups

    Now i don’t mean that you should only create public facebook groups. its pretty much related to your needs actually.

    Private facebook groups are good if you are looking for very certain kind of people who actually follow same cause as yours and you create a much tighter and closer community.

    So you choose the group type according to your needs.

    Let me know in comments if you have questions i will reply.

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