Facebook Page Disabled Ad Breaks Solution

There is a recent update about this solution at the bottom of this post. So if you want to skip to latest information then read my latest update below. Or you could read the whole post from the start as it will give you some insights into Facebook working. This is will give you a better idea of what to do and prepare for any troubles with Facebook.

Since Facebook has rolled out the ad breaks to all the Facebook pages there has been an ocean of publishers who enabled it right away and started using the ad breaks. And so did many publishers. Who enabled the video and breaks on their pages right away when it became enabled.

Then it happened to many and might have happened with you too if you are reading this blog post by searching this topic on google and clicking our link. So, you woke up the next day and what you see is that you lost the ad breaks monetization for your Facebook page.

Why Facebook Is Disabling Ad breaks for most pages?

Before we tell you the solution that is working right now, it’s important that you know what is causing Facebook to disable ad breaks for your Facebook page.

Facebook answered this question in their latest update about video rankings. In which they explain that Facebook ranking videos using three main factors

  1. User intent and loyalty
  2. Video and View Duration
  3. Originality

Your videos will be ranked higher if users watch them

  • again and again
  • watch for longer durations
  • video are unique and offer value and authenticity

And this is the 3rd factor mainly and all three collectively according to Digital Markeeter that is causing you to lose ad breaks access.

The 3rd factor is the most and main important factor which is causing Facebook page owners to lose monetization for videos on their page. Facebook does not want you to use content that is being widely used by other Facebook page owners. You should share videos that are authentic, relatable to your audience, and provide value. Blindly using content that has already been used by several other publishers will signal facebook of that video to be spammed all over Facebook and such regular behavior will cause you to lose access for ad breaks.


The solution is simple and not rocket science. But its a little tricky. Facebook will not entertain your appeals and you will every time get a rejection whenever you appeal against this decision. Rather, what you should do is that you should work on your page. Create and publish regularly very engaging content on your Facebook page without stopping. It’s important that you create great engagement on your page without posting any links.

Carry on with this pattern for a month or two and you will notice that your monetization will be back automatically within a month or two.

Update 21 Sep 2019: This solution does not seem to be working now. As pages are not returning to monetization automatically. Does not matter how long you leave your page for it will not return back to monetization.

I don’t know why but I feel like anytime I provide a solution here or any solution that’s easily available online to people stops working in a few weeks.

I still got a trick to get approved for monetization again after being rejected as you did not meet community guidelines or they said limited originality of content.

I cannot share the trick as I am sure it will stop working too if many people know this. But here is a thing that I can tell you for sure will work.

Create original content. It’s not really that hard if you think. it just requires a little hard work. So many copyright-free videos are available if you look around. And you could write the content yourself too.

You just got to work with a focus on this. Facebook is only improving and becoming more strict with every passing day.

I love reading your comments. Keep me updated on what you tried what worked and whatnot.



10 thoughts on “Facebook Page Disabled Ad Breaks Solution”

    • if you are publishing original content on your website then I recommend you share your links on your Facebook page. The idea is that you only share original content on your Facebook page.
      And i suggest doing that for a few months straight or at least 2 months. I discourage appealing to the Facebook team before 3-4 months as they reject most appeals and after getting rejected I have a theory that now your Facebook page has gotten their attention and it is not good.

  1. Hello,

    You’re article was really helpful to get a closer idea on what is really happening. My page got the limited originality message. I’ve expired all videos and appealed. I got a response after a couple of days, saying that couldn’t activate ads again for that page at that time.

    Now I deleted all videos and I’m uploading only 100% original videos. I’m close to get 30k 1m views from these original videos and I will appeal when I reach that number. From your experience do you think it will solve the issue? Plus, I’d really aprreciate if you can mail me some of the tips that you do not want to post for obvious reasons. That would be really great 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Hi, Sofia sorry for a little late reply. As I am mostly busy experimenting with new things and when I get into trouble and find the solution then I write the blog on my site. If you wonder what I am up to these days then I am working on Pinterest, youtube and Facebook ads.
      Specifically, Facebook ads these days. As far as Facebook is concerned I am not approaching is really aggressively as I believe that’s a bad practice and gets you in trouble. So I have managed my facebook business and it’s going smoothly.
      I hope your Facebook page is back to normal. Personally I believe rushing into solutions and panicking is a bad idea. I suggest you also to only focus on creating original and quality content and see if your monetization is back after a few months or at least two months.
      If it’s not back until then, I suggest you request a review. Before reviewing make sure you have posted enough original content which is creating engagement and also you should have been posting regularly on your Facebook page.
      let me know if it works for you.

    • So you asked you gave someone access to your page and were not aware that could gain admin access and so your lost access to completely. Inshort you got scammed.
      Now its normally a very tricky situation and chances are pretty slim. But if it helps i can share with you how i got the access back to my page after getting scammed in a similar manner.
      Well basically you have to keep contacting facebook support and provide them all the proves how you lost it and how you were the admin. Create a proper case to back your claim and provide them all the proves. And just keep bugging them as much as possible even after they reject your appeal. This is how i got my page back years back. So good luck

  2. I have tried my best to upload original content , lost three month already , cannot appeal and no return the monetization , the trend has been changed , what can I do now


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