Facebook Confirming Identity On All Pages Now

You read that right. If you are an admin of the big page, probably over 40k (as of 28 Jan 2020 now you get this verification even on 10k fans) you are going to have to confirm your identity to continue publishing the posts on your Facebook page.

Even if you are below 40k, I still believe you will have to confirm your identity to have publishing permissions.

Facebook-page publish-authorization-complete
Facebook-page publish-authorization-complete


Facebook Page Publishing Authorization

According to updates made by the platform a few years back, now Facebook requires all Facebook page users to verify their profile doing two steps.

There was a time when anyone who owned any Facebook page was free to post anytime and use the page without any restrictions. But Facebook has since then implemented few restrictions on your Facebook pages.

For example, Facebook implemented a number of ads per page now cannot go over a certain amount of ads on your Facebook page. And also another change that Facebook made necessary is what we are actually discussing.
Facebook requires you to verify your publishing authorizations by enabling two-factor authentication and enabling your location anytime you use Facebook.

You can only publish on your Facebook page when you have completed these two steps.

You are most probably going to get it when you are actively posting on your Facebook page and it’s growing organically and getting monetized.

Even any of the above will trigger identity verification.

What Should You Do?

It’s best for your own safety that you manage your Facebook pages through original Facebook accounts or at least has one original admin on your Facebook page or you might even have to lose your Facebook page.

Who knows what’s going to happen? We already know that for years Facebook is cracking down on fake profiles and accounts and it has been reasonably successful in doing so by using AI.


As of 28th January 2020, this seems to be happening more often. Data shows facebook wants to pinpoint you.

Facebook is confirming the identity of almost all Facebook page admins. It’s strongly recommended that you only keep your Facebook page on yo

ur original id. Or at least one admin to have an original id which could be confirmed.



Keep in mind the way Facebook is starting to confirm the identities, Digital Markeeter believes Facebook will do this for all the admins and editors and all page roles in the future. Currently, they are rolling it gently. But with time we do believe it’s going to be the most.

Location Update:

So with the identity confirmation, Facebook is also getting more specific about your location. So identity confirmation now includes pinpointing your current location.

Now you have to select your current city and facebook will take about two weeks to confirm if this is your right location. This step seems to be taken to avoid spam accounts.

Its basically all about spam. All these steps suggest that Facebook is surely going after spam accounts or fake accounts. And these steps are actually working. So we expect only an increase in such requirements by Facebook.

Don’t expect Facebook will relax on this. So it’s recommended that you start taking steps right now to ensure you meet facebook guidelines.

Normally facebook guidelines are more generic and they are not explained in detail.

Understanding Facebook Guidelines

As I just mentioned above facebook’s guidelines are very generic and don’t explain everything in very small detail.

That’s why so many publishers lose their Facebook pages and keep facing restrictions. So it’s really important that you follow the resources that are specific to your issues.
We strongly suggest you read Digital Markeeter at least once a week. So you know what’s going on with Facebook.

On digital marketer make sure to read all posts from me, John Christopher, as I am facebook specific. As I write a lot on Facebook and I write only what I experience. I mostly don’t write about the news. I only write when I experience anything different on Facebook.


There is one catch right now. Currently, it seems like even if you have one confirmed user who is managing your page then you will still be able to publish as the page. But don’t rely on it for long.

What’s Triggering This Verification

There are two things according to our research, analysis, and experience that seem to be triggering this verification.

  1. Generating high traffic from the page.
  2. Page reported for Fake News

All the accounts that reported they received the confirmed identity verification on Facebook also informed us that when they check the page quality tab under their Facebook page they also saw the policy violations for sharing fake news.

So that’s a huge signal for getting a Facebook identity check. Now you also know how you could keep yourself safe. This should pretty give you an idea of how important it is to comply with Facebook guidelines.

Another Identity Confirmation Method

If you are just looking for how to verify your identity on Facebook if Facebook logs you out of your account and wants you to verify your identity to regain access.

facebook identity confirmation

In that case, it’s not very hard also you just have to send the required documents and within a few days, Facebook will unlock your account.

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  1. Hello Sir When I login My Facebook account then your facebook system show me just logout option. Unfortunately,
    you won’t be able to acess your account. Sir this account was very important for me because I have some buissness
    information in it. submited my exact name and my identity card, reopen my facebook account. Thank You.

    • these days facebook is activing crazy. They be telling you why you are not able to login. until i know the reason i cannot suggest.


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