Facebook Page Unpublished Because I Posted 15 Posts In A Single Time

In the first blog of the series, where Digital Markeeter reports the new updates of issues users to Facebook in using their Facebook accounts and pages.

These news updates if personally verified will be mentioned within or at the end of the blog. Digital Markeeter has started this series because we believe this will really help the users in actually understanding how the Facebook platform works and deals with the issues.


Facebook for quite some time has been really confusing for most users and many users are not able to understand what really goes behind the facebook’s decisions behind disabling your Facebook accounts or unpublishing your Facebook pages.

In today’s story, a user reported in the email (admin@digitalmarteer.com) to digital markeeter that he lost his Facebook page and this is what happened.

A user reported that he lost his premium facebook page with over 30k page likes because he posted 10-15 posts at a time for continuous two days and as a result, his Facebook page was unpublished after two days.

 15 Posts In A Single Time
15 Posts In A Single Time

Facebook says the user spammed and broke their guidelines and that’s why the page was unpublished after the appeal facebook rejected the appeal (which is quite common) and the confirmed page still violates the terms.

The user did not post every day on the page and when he posted 15 posts at a time then he lost the page. Digital markeeter verified the claims and checked the content on-page.

The content itself did not seem harmful. but the user did post 10-15 posts together for two days and then the page was unpublished.

So guys are careful and try not to post so many posts at a time and if you want to understand facebook spam guidelines then read my previous blog post on this topic. on your Facebook page. And if you have a story to tell then please email digital markeeter at admin@digitalmarkeeter.com and let’s help our community.

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