Bypass Facebook Photo & Phone Verification Trick

    Today on digital markeeter,  we are going to discuss in detail how you might pass photo and phone verification on Facebook and also what are the factors that might trigger photo and photo verification on Facebook.

    Facebook is improving its security regularly. Therefore its introducing new verification checks mainly targetted at Facebook page owners who have some kind of following on their page/pages.

    Facebook has recently launched new verification checks making it even more difficult for people who have created multiple fake Facebook accounts.

    The new checks that Facebook has launched are

    • phone and location check.
    • phone and photo verification check.


    •  The first check “phone and location verification check” is relatively easier and straightforward to pass. And this check is mainly introduced for Facebook page owners who have good reach and fan following.
    facebook phone verification check image
    facebook phone verification check image
    facebook primary country confirmation check image for facebook page owners
    facebook primary country confirmation check image for facebook page owners

    If you have about 25k fans on the Facebook page then most probably you will get this check where you must provide Facebook with your phone number then confirm your country location by installing the Facebook app and logging into your Facebook account from your mobile phone.

    Such security checks are surely going to reduce abuse of Facebook platform on a massive level. Although there are still ways to secure your accounts from such security checks, still it makes it harder for people to continue easily using the Facebook platform.

    • But the main point that we wanted to discuss and provide a solution to is the second security check which is enabled on your Facebook profile if facebook detects and suspicious activity on your account. For example, if you are engaging some kind of spam activity, sending to many friend requests, messages, etc then most probably you will get this check.
    facebook phone verification check image
    facebook phone verification check image
    facebook photo verification check image
    facebook photo verification check image

    the security check we are talking about is providing Facebook with your photo and phone number to verify your Facebook account. Before you only had to upload your photo to and wait for a couple of days to get your account back.

    But now Facebook has added another requirement for photo verification which is that now you have to provide both the phone number and the photo to verify your Facebook account and gain access back to your Facebook account.

    Although still, this is not really hard to bypass this step still you must be careful about a few things to pass this phone and photo verification check on Facebook.

    So here is how you do it.

    Get a temporary phone number from phone security check rental websites like smspva. I have personally used this website for this purpose for many verification tests. So get a phone number and verify it on Facebook. For Facebook verification text it costs about .50$ on smspva. So use the phone number to verify on Facebook account. After your phone no is verified then Facebook will now ask you to upload a photo of yourself.

    smspva rent a phone number for verification on facebook
    smspva rent a phone number for verification on Facebook

    It’s ideal that you must use a photo that is preferably not available on the internet. It’s better if you take the latest photo of yourself and upload it to your account. You can use the same photo again and again for different accounts as well. Don’t verify more than one account at the same time to pass the security check easily.

    This trick works for me almost every time and it should work for you too. Let me know if this trick worked for you. If it does not work even then comment below so, I could post the latest hack for this security check on Facebook.

    What Triggers Photo Verification?

    Although its really hard to pinpoint everything that triggers the check because it depends on how you are using your Facebook account. It depends on the nature of the activity.

    Here I am listing the most common reasons for getting photo verification.

    • Spammy Behaviour
    • Location change
    • Page publishing authorization.
    • Any activity on the account which is different than usual.


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