The Best Facebook Post Scheduler For Scheduling Posts On Social Media

Are you a business or an influencer? looking to manage their social media accounts or Facebook pages? and you are too busy to do so?

Are you looking to find an easier alternative that basically takes over most of the hassle and automates the process of managing your Facebook business pages?

If that’s the problem you are facing then I believe digital markeeter can help.

Facebook is one of the major platforms that help businesses grow and monetize their brand. Although in recent years there have been some amazing platforms like TikTok etc that have launched and made a huge difference, still Facebook remains the number one choice for all the new and already established businesses.

Facebook is an extremely important part and parcel of marketing for all businesses. If appropriately managed then only Facebook can make your business a success overnight. Facebook has the potential to bring a ton of traffic to your brand-new websites.

All those thousands of likes and comments on posts in your newsfeed actually translate to traffic that the brand receives.

If it is not then facebook must be on the top of the list of your marketing priority in 2022. There are plenty of reasons for that.

Facebook allows you to monetize and grow your fan base organically and it has introduced so many features to do and help you grow easily. whether you are into viral content marketing or organic, Facebook should be at the top of the list of platforms to start from.

Let’s see how Facebook can help you become an overnight sensation. and lets the features that will help do so.

  • Run Facebook ads and start generating leads right away.
  • Create a Facebook page to promote your services.
  • Create Facebook groups to build an engaging community
  • Facebook ai automatically suggests your good posts to new users
  • Create Facebook videos for high organic reach.
  • Whether a news publisher or video creator, Facebook is for everyone.

Now we know the importance of Facebook in your online marketing strategy, so we can now discuss the best way to schedule your posts on Facebook.

There are plenty of really good social media schedulers for Facebook online, but today we are going to cover two ways to schedule on Facebook. We will focus on tools that are specialized only for scheduling on Facebook.

Here are the two main social media schedulers for Facebook. Later in the article, we are going to discuss which is the best social media scheduler.

  1. Creator Studio On Facebook
  2. Adublisher

Both of the above tools are free to use and really useful. Whereas adublisher also offers paid plans with some very unique features, which we would discuss below.

Facebook creator studio is a relatively new section launched by Facebook. On the Creator Studio dashboard, there are many options, like post engagement and insights, monetization status, policy violations, and Facebook post scheduler to name a few.



Facebook creator studio is a free-to-use post scheduler, you can schedule your content through creator studio easily and efficiently.

Although it feels like still there could be many improvements made in the scheduling section, for example, scheduling posts on Facebook was slightly less complex before and you could do so right from your Facebook page.

Whereas now you cannot schedule posts from your Facebook page and you are required to use creator studio posts on your Facebook. Plus the creator studio interface is slightly more complex and takes a long time to schedule the post.

But still, the creator studio is the simplest and easiest Facebook post scheduler.

  • Adublisher

adublisher-social-media-scheduling-tool is social media scheduling platform with a very specific set of skills. Adublisher social media scheduler focuses mainly on the Facebook platform but that’s not all.


As a social media manager or social media agency or even as a business owner you require a tool that makes it very easy to manage your online business.

Let’s see some of the best features on the adublisher social media scheduling platform for Facebook.

  • Bulk scheduling.
  • Event Groups.
  • Recycle evergreen content.
  • Share recycled content in two post formats.
  • Auto-republish your evergreen content.
  • Hire and manage affiliates.
  • Auto share evergreen automatically on specific dates or days.
  • Traffic reports by affiliate/domain.
  • Rss to Facebook auto-scheduling.

Let’s discuss each feature in detail.

  • Bulk scheduling.

Bulk scheduling for your Facebook social media page works like a charm. I would not be lying if I tell you, that you may schedule the content for your Facebook account for a whole month in less than a minute.

To bulk schedule through adublisher all you have to do is simply select your desired Facebook page and then click upload multiple images and click upload and that’s it within a few seconds you would have content scheduled for a whole month.

The best part is you can write a default text as a caption to be published on your Facebook page with every post. It could be any text or simply a link to your




  • Event Group

One the best features on adublisher so far. Do you want to post any specific posts on certain days or times of the year?

For example, every morning you want to publish a good morning post to your Facebook page. It’s easy simply create a group and select Monday as the day when you want the added posts to be published. After the images are uploaded. You are all set. If you want these posts will keep repeating every Monday too. That’s cool, right?

  • Recycle Evergreen Content

Creating content takes a lot of time and effort. So when you have that special piece of content that has great ctr, huge engagement, and great conversion rate, it becomes important to gain the maximum results from that content.

evergreen content actually means your content that simply performs every time when posted or promoted.

So adublisher makes it extremely easy to actually recycle your even green content. All you have to do is simply save your posts on adublisher and select how many of your saved ever-green content posts you want to publish daily on your Facebook page.

Once this is set up then you can forget about it and your evergreen content would be auto-reposted regularly on your selected times and selected Facebook pages.

  • Share Recycled Content In Two Post Formats.

This is a very interesting feature and at digital markeeter, we did not find any other social media scheduling tool that offers this feature.

  1. Links get posted in debug format
  2. Share links in Image + Caption format.
  • Auto-Republish Your Evergreen Content.

At adublisher, you can save your evergreen content in an ad campaign format. And that content gets published automatically on your selected time schedule.

  • Hire And Manage Affiliates



Yes, adublisher allows you to hire influencers and track their traffic data. If you have anyone that is willing to promote your content then adublisher will allow you access to a separate affiliate dashboard, which shows the affiliate’s earnings, traffic data, and geo-locations.

One very unique feature is that you can assign a separate domain to each affiliate.

  • Traffic Reports By Affiliate/Domain

In the traffic report dashboard, you can see complete traffic details and filter them by affiliates, domains, geo, and so many other options.

  • Rss To Facebook Auto-Scheduling.



With the RSS scheduling feature, the adublisher will automatically fetch your latest posts from your website and will schedule and post them automatically on your connected Facebook page.

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