Facebook Silently Cracks Down On S4S Pages

From the past 2-3 months, Facebook has been limiting the pages quite regularly. Now this limitation can be in different ways which will be discussed below in detail.

  1. Dead Reach With No Expiry Mentioned

  2. 7 Day Restriction

  3. Multiple 7 Day Restriction

  • Dead Reach With No Expiry Mentioned

For example, they might silently kill your page reach without giving any violation notifications. This means if your post was reaching 50k people now it will suddenly drop down to 30-40 or 100 people.

This is probably their least dangerous but dangerous limitation according to my observation. If you don’t take this serious and don’t manage your page properly then you might get stuck in this limitation for months without any update on when it would be removed and when your page will return back to normal.

Normally this restriction should finish after 7 days. And you should be able to get normal reach after 7 days. If it happens and your posts don’t get any further reach issue after your reach is back then you are probably fine and you can carry on cautiously with your postings.

But, if you post after a week or so and after a few posts you see dead reach again then you are in for a long time without knowing what to do and how to fix.

This limitation is probably the most confusing and annoying and there is no time limit mentioned and you don’t know what you really have done that caused it.

Possible Reasons For Dead Reach Limitation

I am listing a few reasons that I believe cause this issue. After analyzing multiple pages and completely knowing how the admins were interacting with their pages and having worked on those pages manually I found out few reasons were common in those pages.

Before I just dive into listing the possible reason I just want to give an example as to how facebook sees you and wants you to act.

Consider facebook like a possessive girlfriend who does not want you to have more than girlfriends, who do not want other girls’ phone numbers in your phone and constantly keeps on spying you to make sure you are not cheating on her.

So if you are straight then she can spy all she wants but she won’t find anything on you and you can live peacefully.

But if you like to flirt or doing that kind of stuff then she won’t trust you and every now and then you are going to get in arguments.

So if you have more than one Facebook page, then facebook hates you. if you have more than one Facebook accounts, then facebook hates you, if you are using multiple ips regularly to access your facebook then facebook hates you.

So these are the reasons I believe that trigger the limitation.

  1. Share for share (sharing another page posts on yours regularly, this is probably the most important.)
  2. Having multiple facebook accounts.
  3. Accessing multiple facebook accounts daily.
  4. Using multiple IP addresses.
  5. `Owning groups
  6. Admin activity

For this specific limitation I believe points share for share, owning groups, and admin activity are the most important.

To avoid this limit, you have to limit the use of the above-mentioned points.

Dead Reach Without Expiry Date Solution

I don’t have certain answer for this yet, but I do have pills that will reduce the pain and you will have a good sleep at night. And in the long term, those pills will hopefully return your facebook page to normal.

  1. Do the basics right.
  2. Leave the facebook page for some time. Take some time out and analyze what you could have done wrong. Come back after a few months and work on authenticity and user experience on your facebook page.
  3. Review your admin’s activity and delete admins that you don’t need.
  4. Remove yourself from spam facebook groups where you are admin.
  • 7 Day Restriction

I am going to discuss this after 2-3 days again. I don’t want to hurry as these topics are really important.

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