Facebook From A Social Media Giant To Policing Giant

Now you get a lot of verifications and you have to submit a lot of data and identification to Facebook for being able to use their platform.

I honestly don’t understand what is cry about user privacy is all about because it does not consist at all. Companies have found more and more ways to get more private with you and know each and everything about you as in this case Mr. Mark Zuckerberg.

Here is why I say so. Did you know that

  1. As facebook admin now you have switch your location tracking 100 percent of the time?
  2. You have to provide your identity documents and get verified to publish on your Facebook page?
  3. As Page admin facebook can ask you to provide your identity document any number of times they want. This means if you verified once by sending an identity document facebook can ask you again anytime to go through this procedure again and lock your account for weeks without an update. Just imagine if you had millions of likes page on that account and that gets disabled.
  4. Facebook keeps your id document saved in their servers for up to one year if you ran ads on social or political issues.

Once you provide them your id and even if your account gets verified then they will automatically keep that id in their server for 30 days just for accounts getting verified for page publishing authorizations and up to 1 year for accounts getting verified to run ads on social and political issues.

But thankfully there is an option in your account through which you can disable this. Doing this facebook will not keep your encrypted identity document for more than 30 days in their servers. So you can do this by logging into your Facebook account/settings/identity confirmation and then you will reach the following page. Just edit and select NO to deny the permission to Facebook which it automatically set to yes without informing you.


The above discussion shows how important is user privacy. Because when people have data about you then they use your data and they not only use themselves but also share with the 3rd party businesses who purchase this data from these companies.

When they have your data then they can control you, controlling someone is so satisfying because you can make them do what you want to and obey you without explaining yourself to them.

For their defense, digital markeeter agrees there is so much spam out there and so many bad actors and it’s so important to get rid of those bad actors but still users should not feel like not being heard and it should not be very aggressive as in this case it is with Facebook.

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