Facebook’s AI Is On Killing Spree – Unpublishing Pages

October 2019 update: This is my personal experience and I saw this happening to one other person as well and I feel like I should share it with you. So you might be careful.

I have mentioned in my past posts as well that facebook’s algorithm is just too aggressive and is not bullshit mode.

But Facebook’s AI is actually going crazy and unpublishing the pages. Whether facebook is fingerprinting multiple accounts and deleting the pages on such accounts even though there are no violations on them. Or it’s just getting it wrong.

Even with normal posts facebook is putting a 7-day restriction on pages and doing it too regularly on the same page. Whether you post totally normal post which does not break and guidelines in any way. But you keep getting a 7-day restriction on your facebook page.

This happened to our clients. They get 7-day restriction continuously for 2-3 times and then on 2nd or 3rd time the page gets unpublished.

I can safely say that it seems the facebook algorithm is getting it wrong on some pages at least. The moment you get a first 7-day restriction on your page just keep in mind you are on an unpublish list and if you don’t be really really careful then that page will be gone within a month or two.

If you don’t understand the violation and are regularly getting a 7-day restriction on a certain page again and again then facebook has something on you.

Whether facebook has detected your Ip as suspicious or there is something about your activity that has raised red flags against you.

And in this article on bitcoin.com, it also reported that Facebook has unpublished 559 pages and 251 accounts ahead of our election. This definitely supports my opinion that Facebook is on a killing spree and its that time of month probably.

So be careful about how you manage your facebook page and account. It’s hard to build a page but too damn easy to lose it.

Let me know in the comments if this is happening to you too and if you lost any page because of it.

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