Facebook’s New Update Changes All Page Admins To Moderators Automatically

Don't Worry There Is A Solution


So you woke up and went over to your facebook page to see how is it going and you are just doing the normal stuff. But you suddenly notice that all your admins have been changed into moderators.

This can be a huge shock if you saw this first hand and are not aware of this happening to anyone else or haven’t yet heard about it from fellow page admins in popular forums like black hat world etc?


So, what happened actually? And should you be concerned?

The answer is yes you should be concerned but don’t panic there is a solution for this. So that on the side first let me tell you why this happened and how you could avoid this from happening again.

As i have mentioned in my previous blogs written on Facebook pages that Facebook is constantly working hard to clean their platform from spammers or scammers who are using their services and trying to somehow cheat facebook algorithm to gain more likes and following.

This is yet another step taken by Facebook against unverified Facebook accounts. Yes, the reason any of your facebook page admin or editor turned into moderator is that those accounts are not verified. And you must verify your facebook account now fully to gain complete access to your facebook page as an admin.


The formula is simple. Here is what you need to do.

  • If you haven’t yet purchased then buy a new mobile phone for your facebook account. There are many cheap mobile phones available which do the job.
  • Secondly, install facebook app and log in to your facebook account
  • Buy a new sim card and link it with your Facebook account.
  • You now need to provide Facebook access to your location. For this go in your phone settings and enable location services for Facebook.

Complete all these steps and now you should be able to see that now you are not a moderator anymore on your facebook page and you have regained admin role on your facebook page. Good luck with future adventures.

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Update: 13th May 2019: It STOPPED Happening

So it seems that it was some kind of bug which was fixed shortly after it was pointed out by Digital Markeeter or noticed by the Facebook team itself.

It could also be some new feature that Facebook was thinking to implement. But according to our latest experiments, this seems to have stopped and all the facebook page admins were returned to admin statuses.

Update 3rd June 2019: Admins Again Turned Into Moderators

The recent stats show that it was not a bug, rather it was something that Facebook was working on as we mentioned above on 13th may update. Currently, all the facebook page admins which don’t have verified phone number and locations are converted into moderators. Currently, it does not seem like something that’s causing any serious issue like losing the access to facebook page permanently.

As soon as you verify your admin which was turned into moderator you will regain admin access to your facebook page.

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