How To Format Your Articles On WordPress – A Guide For Beginner Writers


Content writing can be hard. Although there are so many things that you have to work on to make your article not only rank and generate traffic organically but also be click worthy.

Its not only important for new writers to format their new article properly but it can be really frustrating and tiresome job if you are hiring a new writer.

hiring new employees and give them and literally teaching them even the most basic things can be really frustrating. And you wish they knew the most basic things which most of new content writers miss.

This article is written lessen the burden of both the contents writers and website owners who wish they could automate the process and dont have to spend so much of time on teaching very things to their writers.

This guide explains how you need to format an article properly. How the title should appear how the content body should look like.

how and where you add in bournd and outbound links. how you add h1, h2, and h3 tags within the articles. How your thumbnail should look like, what should be the size of your images and so on.

These are the most important things about writing an article which you need to take care of. This article is not specific to worpdress. You follow same for any kind of content writing.

Formatting Your Title

For explanation purposes i will be using this article so you could understand better. You need to understand about title tags.

Your title tags come in this format.



H3 and so on.

Main title of article by default has h1 title tag. for example the title of this article at the time of writing this article is as below.

“How To Format Your Articles On WordPress – A Guide For Beginner Writers”

and by default it has h1 article tag.

and the second headings within the article are h2 tags. for example in this article the heading “formatting your title” is h2 tag.

And the sub headings within h2 tags are h3 tags. for example the headings in quote are h3 tags.

First Letter Of Each Word Should Be Capital

Second thing that you need to make sure is that first letter of each word in your title should be capital.

for example your article title should not be like this.

“How to format your articles on wordpress – a guide for beginner writers”

Rather it should be like this

“How To Format Your Articles On WordPress – A Guide For Beginner Writers”

bonus tip:

You can automatically format your title. this can be done online via various websites. a website i use personally is case converter. you simply go there, insert your title and press proper case. and it will convert your title to proper title.

Use Short Slug

Always try to use shorter slug url for your article. instead of using complete article title in slug its better you use your main keywords in slug url.

Use HD Images

its important that you use images with good resolution. Nothing disappoints more than bad images. So make sure that you use images that have good resolution.

Bonus tip: if you want to get featured image of already published article you can get that through these websites.


I personally prefer iframely. its fast and provides results in seconds.

Avoid Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

It goes without saying really that you need to use proper english without any spelling or grammar mistakes. Don’t expect your reader to stay on your website if your english is poor.



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