How To Check How Many Posts Does A Website Post Daily

Content research is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks for every content creator. It does not matter if you want to research search engine optimization, promote your content on Facebook or run ads for your website.

Before you do anything else you need to start with what is that people and your competitors are writing about and how many posts they publish every day, week, and monthly. is an extremely simple-to-use website that exactly does the job within a few seconds.

If you want to know how many posts is your competitor posting daily, and you want to spy on his SEO strategy by knowing how much content should you publish daily or monthly etc. then the daily post checker is simply for you.

Simply go on the website, get the RSS feed URL of the website you want to spy on, and just insert the feed URL in search and press the search button.

You will notice that it provides You with easy-to-understand results by displaying how many posts did this website publish daily, weekly or on average over the last many days.

It does not only show how many daily posts are being posted, but the daily post checker also reveals the latest posts that are published on your competitor’s website.

daily post checker
daily post checker

2 thoughts on “How To Check How Many Posts Does A Website Post Daily”

  1. I needed it so badly. it is going to be a great help in content research. i would love if it could also show total posts of a website.

    • could not agree more with you on that. The website has launched new features. This means that now you can see the total number of posts published by a WordPress website.


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