How to Check Total Posts On A WordPress Website

As content creators, people spend most of their time in content research and find what are the ways their competitors are using to rank their content higher.

So when you find out a competitor in your niche who is ranking higher in google results than your website then you generally try to find out even the minor details to know what are the factors that are helping the website owner to rank higher than you.

Some of those factors are checking

While there are many services that provide most of the above information. But still, some information is still harder to find out online.

Although even the information that is provided and is available online comes at a cost. There are almost no websites that provide this information for free.

the missing information that is hard to find out online is finding out how many total posts a website has and how often it publishes the content.

Today, we are sharing a free way to get this information. and the best thing about is that there is a free website available online through which you can check the total posts published by a WordPress website.

The website name is

Daily Post Checker

Daily post checker is a tool through which you can perform the most simple tasks in a matter of few seconds. The website helps you to check

  • How often does a WordPress publish the content,
  • What is the number of words on each post
  • Total posts on the website.

Total Posts On the Website

It’s really easy to check the total number of posts on a WordPress website. To find out how many posts are there on a website simply visit and insert the user’s domain.

After you click submit daily post checker will provide you with the total number of posts present on a website.

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