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It was few years ago when very few people knew about Blockchain technology. However, nowadays – the cryptocurrency has turned into a Hot pancake and now is in almost every discussion. Brad K Garlinghouse was the real risk-taker who has left his golden career with AOL and Yahoo. He realized that joining the industry of cryptocurrency is similar to participation in a revolution that has fundamentally changed the environment in financial technology. He is currently the CEO of Ripple which contributes a major perspective in the world of Cryptocurrency.

Brad K Garlinghouse was born in February 1971 and he is a US Citizen. Brad used to think that if someone is successful then it means transformation has taken place. His interest in Cryptocurrency has brought a revolution and has founded Ripple. Ripple has brought forward a rapid transformation and has managed global commerce through a new era in a payment transaction. He has said in one of his interviews that while he used to roam around Silicon Valley, he used to look around and explored the new era in blockchain technology and has explored the new revolution that has created a movement with the world of Cryptocurrency. He always dreamt that he would establish a company that is different from the other typical industries and would build a little dent that would help to make this transformation effective across the planet.

Brad has done his graduation with BA honors in economics from the University of Kansas in the USA. He has also pursued an MBA from Harvard University in the USA. At the beginning of his career, he invested a lot of time in evolving the VOIP industry and was designated as the CEO of an organization called Dialpad Communications.

Let us have a look at his career graph and his experience in the professional industry.

During the beginning of his professional life, he has worked with several organizations. He worked as a general partner with Ventures, later he also worked with Silver Lake partners and Tci Internet services INC as a Senior Advisor. As mentioned earlier his real journey started from Dialpad Communications, wherein he worked as a CEO and then he worked as a Manager in SBC Communications INC. He also has got experience as a Category Manager: Media Dev for a firm called Home Network INC. From 2003 till 2008, he worked as a Senior Vice president for Yahoo! Inc. Here he used to look after the home page of Facebook and used to execute the communication business of the organization.Then he joined AOL LLC as a President in the Internet and communication department from September 2009 till 2011, wherein he used to look after the consumer applications at AOL. In May 2012, he joined Hightail INC as a CEO and was associated with the organization till September 2014. In April in the year 2015, he founded the organization called Ripple Labs INC. During the early times with Ripple, he was working as a Chief Operating Officer and worked till January 2017 on the same role. Later, since 2017 – he started the journey with Ripple as a Chief Executive officer.

He was associated with board members with a lot of organization. The list includes INC and at Home Corp. Later he was nominated and been elected in the board members for some other organization, wherein he is still holding the role. In April 2012, he joined the Board member for Animoto INC. He is also associated with the board members for the Onemediaplace, Outmatch INC. and Cloudon Inc. He is nominated as the Chairman in May in the year 2012 for Hightail INC and since January 2017, he is associated with the board member of Ripple Labs Inc.

While we are speaking about Brad, we should also know about Ripple Lab INC. It is a company that deals with application software especially cryptocurrency and built for the technology sector. It was founded on the 15th of September 2014. The company has got its headquarters located at 315 Montgomery Street 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States. During his career and professional life, Brad has been an active angel investor and has invested in over 40 companies. These companies include several hardware companies, start-up firms and also into an agricultural firm like Indigo Agriculture.

With the growth of the Ripple, Brad expressed his gratitude for having more than 100 Customers and expressed his interest in the exponential growth with the increase in value. He said that they have successfully hit the tipping point and identified the value of participation would develop with the increase in the number of nodes across the network.

While assessing the opportunities, few checklists are identified by Brad. During an interview with CNBC, he has been asked about the deciding factors while considering a new opportunity. On that particular show – “ life hacks Live” – he disclosed about three key areas that should be put into consideration. The first one he said that he should always see the individuals who are involved. He always desires to work with a bunch of smart, ambitious and motivated individuals. He considers that the employees who are working in Ripple are the smartest people and they develop a working atmosphere that ignites fun to go for their job daily. The next he considers that the size of the marketplace is an important aspect. He considers that the people around him are always ready to solve every problem, however, there is a marketplace that is very smaller and is also less interesting to him. Last but not the least, he considers that whenever there is a new competitor in the market, he should be ready to safeguard his business and prepare the ability to hold the position intact within the marketplace. Brad considers that all these three aspects have made Ripple turn into a successful organization during this era and it can hold the position intact in this globalization and competitive market.

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