Solution To Fix Low Facebook Page Reach

Facebook page reach is declining for ages now. So instead of complaining about low facebook page reach its better, we work on ways which help increase our organic post reach on Facebook pages.

Not only increasing the Facebook page reach is an issue but also maintaining the Facebook page reach is not an easy task.

Facebook page manager
Facebook page manager

A Facebook page manager always has to be on his toes and make sure he does not do anything that triggers the bot. These days one of the biggest issues that social media managers are facing is that they lose the Facebook page reach.

According to digital markeeter’s experience, you may lose facebook page reach which affects the page reach in two ways.

  1.  Zero reach on all your posts.
  2.  Lost 90 percent of reach on your all posts.

In this article, I would be mainly explaining the fix for the second option. because that’s what digital markeeter’s team fixed themselves. But we will be touching on the first point briefly also at the end of the article. I would explain what I think you could do to get the reach back.

Lost 90 Percent Of Reach On Your All Posts

if you have run into the issues which cause you to lose almost 90 percent of Facebook page reach then I believe I can help. Because I just fixed the issue on pages digital markeeter is managing.

Well, to be honest, it came back itself but I will explain the timeframe and what steps we took to on our end to fix it and also what causes this.



Let’s first talk about what might cause you to lose your Facebook reach. Here are a few known issues.

  1. An admin id was banned by Facebook (which happened to us).
  2. spamming on your Facebook page.
  3. sharing too many posts from the same page to your network.


You can come up with the solution when you know the reason. as we are positive that the main reason for the Facebook page losing reach was that an admin got banned by Facebook. As he was mainly managing the page.

From our experience, we believe Facebook appeals or contacting Facebook support does help at all and it’s mostly like wasting your time. So we did not even bother to contact Facebook. Well, you can give it a go. it might work for you. here is what we tried.

  • started posting less in hopes in a few days it might work. it did not work after weeks.
  • posted little but quality content, it did not work.
  • it’s been about a month till now but no solution.
  • it became clearer over time that posting on a low-reach page does not work.
  • Started posting less on the page.
  • posted once a waited a week. then-posted again. Still did not work.
  • Now decided not to post until two weeks. that did not work also.
  • Then decided to post after a few weeks. That did not work.
  • Decided to post after a month. Got the reach back.

Here are a few takeaways from the above experience. although we got reached the reach back when we posted after the break for one month. but Digital marketeer actually believes it was a Facebook reach block for a certain period of time.

It took exactly 5 months for Facebook reach to come back. and digital markeeter believes we had a reach block by Facebook for 5 months. And after that suspension expires we got the reach back.


when you are hit with a reach ban. it’s advised(i feel like a doctor saying this) not to post more on your Facebook page. the less you post the better it is. Here is what digital markeeter recommends.

  • Post only one per month, every month only post one post and see if it gets normal reach.
  • if you are too restless and can’t wait then posts once per week, then once biweekly, then once after 3 weeks and keep testing like this.

Zero Reaches On All Your Posts.

If you get zero reach on all your posts then digital markeeter believes the solution is the same. the only difference might be that you might have to wait more may be in between 6-12 months.

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