Top 5 Mythemeshop Premium Themes Ideal For Mobile User Experience

Here is a list of my personal top 5 premium themes by mythemeshop.

These are ranking factors for the below list themes for mythemeshop best themes which offer a great user experience on mobile.

  1. Text capturing most empty space sideways within a post.
  2. Theme Design.
  3. Compact Homepage.
  4. Font.
  5. Ad Blocker Detection.

Sideways text capture in the post area is the most important because in the mobile when the user visits a web site so he sees as much space as possible within your website which makes it the text easier to read.

 so it’s important that you can capture as much space as possible to increase the visibility of your post.

This is my top ranking factor for choosing any mytheme shop premium themes regarding best user experience.

Theme Design Is really important because theme design is what catches the attention of users and it should be very clean compact and pleasing to eyes.

Another factor which really matters is the homepage design. The themes that are included in this post are the themes that have beautiful homepages. 

because it should be very compact it must not have too much text below the post title on the homepage so the user’s focus remains to headlines.

Font should be very nice to see and should not be very very light in color and indeed font size matters as well. The number 1 ranked theme has the my favorite font as well as I noticed the text was not too close together or too far. then the size was such as I felt it easier to read and focus on the text.

And then the ad blocker detection. no, I wasn’t really looking for this feature but I noticed that a theme in mythemeshop that automatically had this feature and that that was already my number theme for offering a great user experience on mobile. It detected ad blocker and locked the content and I was kind of surprisingly shocked and it was a great feature to have for you don’t lose any traffic and you can monetize your content as much as possible.

 so this Factor is also really important.

And this is the list for the top 5 mythemeshop premium themes that offer the best user experience on mobile.

  1. Ad-sense Theme
  2. clean-journal
  3. Reactor
  4. Cyprus
  5. Magnus

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