Facebook’s Aggressive Spam Detection Feels More Like Bullying

facebook spam detection

Facebook is pushing the limits in almost everything. We are afraid that the effort in trying to achieve perfection does not end up being the destruction of facebook. Currently, Facebook is adopting a really aggressive approach to spam detection (Well in almost everything to be honest). This is tested on multiple Facebook pages. Where facebook bot … Read more

Facebook Kills Blog Link Click Through Ratio Right After Click Gap Was Introduced

facebook click gap low blog click through rate

Right after Facebook announced its latest update on Click Gap on April 10th, Facebook pages reach has gone down. Especially the link click-through ratio for those blogs. Facebook’s updates have one thing in common that is the authenticity of your content. And this is what click gap is doing. Click Gap According to our understanding click … Read more

Facebook’s New Update Changes All Page Admins To Moderators Automatically

facebook page admin to moderator

Facebook pages have various roles which could be assigned to people who want to manage those Facebook pages. These roles are Admin Editor Moderator Advertiser Analyst Let us discuss the important roles and see what kind of access those roles can have. Admin As a Facebook page admin, you have full access to the page. … Read more