Facebook Publishers : This Is Why You Should Stop Using Providr.com Right Now

The recent Facebook algorithm has put Facebook page owners in a lot of trouble. And it has increasingly become difficult for smaller page owners to earn through Facebook pages. Facebook announced last month that they are decreasing the page reach even more and now they will focus on meaningful interaction between people. And from there they will decide if they should promote any post on a page.

Its unsafe to post providr links on facebook.

Since the update, most of the page owners have started relying on branded content and have joined all the viral brands which they considered trustworthy. But because this is a new approach for page owners, therefore, many people are already losing their pages because of posting from brands which are slightly new and less professional.

Providr.com was and still is one the fastest growing viral content brands and rightly so they were loved by Facebook and other social media page owners. Because not only their website reach was amazing but they were also the highest paying affiliate website for Facebook page owners. Basically, providr.com pays 70/30 revenue share. It means you keep 70 percent of the revenue generated from your traffic and providr keeps 30. Providr’s publisher cpms touched $10 on and off and on average, they paid $8 cpm to all the publishers. Which was actually amazing.

But providr.com has eventually been hit with Facebook jail time and meanwhile, this caused many people to lose their Facebook pages. I lost 4 of them. And that’s why you should take this review or feedback more serious if you are thinking about joining the providr.com publisher program.

So, if you are a revenue share partner/publisher on providr.com then you must stop using the website right now because not only the reach of their website has gone down to 0 but Facebook is also deleting the pages of people who were merely relying on providr to generate the revenue on their Facebook.

Where providr.com went wrong?

I guess they were just not able to cope with a sudden extreme increase in their traffic and because of this they published articles which were not well researched and claimed that those pieces of information will root out our problem. I am talking about their health articles specifically. I have been keeping eye on providr.com for the last 2 years.

Currently, in May, providr has roughly 21m traffic ( Which grew to 35 million the very next month on June according to similarweb & Will see a huge decrease in their social traffic) on their website according to similarweb.com and they were generating roughly 400 backlinks monthly according to alexa.com.

According to our observation facebook relies highly on the reputation of a brand and how is that brand being discussed amongst other brands. We are inclined to believe Facebook relies heavily on websites like snopes.com and buzzfeed.com

Before this happened to providr, we started seeing fake news reports against providr.com on snopes.com about a month ago. A few of their articles were reported.  So providr should have worked out on those reports and should have taken those reports seriously.

Here snopes reported a link from providr and the post title was

Will Taking Ibuprofen or Other NSAIDs Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke?

Snopes flagged this article as false information. Moreover, this iburpofen article was shared by huge celebrities like  Katt Williams and Lil Wayne

here is the screet shot of link shared by Katt Williams


Here is the screenshot of link shared by Lil Wayne


Providr.com Tried To Play Down Page Delete Issue

One grave mistake or negligence that they made was that they actually tried to play down the fact that their links were causing the facebook page owners to lose their pages.

Why I know is that because it actually happened with us. We joined provdr.com as an affiliate to test if its safe to use them and if they pay well.

Before Facebook took down their website and reduced their reach to 0, we lost 2 pages by posting providr links. But we were unsure that it was providr.com which caused us to lose our pages although there was nothing else risky that we were doing on those pages.

We posted only images and providr links on them. So one day, we lost 2 pages. Our team contacted providr and gave them all the details and proofs so they could improve their mistakes so it does not hurt other publishers on their website. But the reply we received from providr was this.

This is impossible our links have never caused any page delete problem.

We still provided them with all the information and continued our research if it’s really safe to post their links.  We continued because it was still unclear that it was their links which caused the page delete problem. Moreover, our team trusted providr. Because it seemed they care about their publishers a lot. which is true by the way but they just were not expecting this would happen to them.

Anyways, so we started posting their links again on 2 more pages. But eventually lost them too after a week or so. At this point, we were sure that providr has some serious problem on their website and its surely them causing the publishers to lose their pages.

We once again contacted providr and explained the issue. But this time they acknowledged that there was this problem actually and stopped us and all other publishers on their network to stop posting their links.


The worst part was that they tried to play down page delete issue on their links. and this hurt our confidence badly in providr. If they had acknowledged the issue when we contacted them the very first time, then we would not have lost more pages and would have developed more trust in them and would have used them again after they resolved the issue with facebook.

Why We Continued Posting Providr After First Problem


You must be wondering, that if we had experienced the problem then why did we not stop using providr. Well, it was that we were unsure about it. Moreover, their rates were great and we were having a great run on their site, and this blinded us a little also.

But most important thing was that we observed providr.com as a brand who cares about their publishers and one proof of it was that they had started linking the facebook pages to that certain link which was bringing from that facebook page and was shared on that page. This was a very clever idea for sure.

But maybe they stopped right there while they should have done more work on making their publishers safer.

One more thing that gave us confidence was that after many recent updates from facebook, providr.com stayed strong and we experienced no problem on their website. For example, their reach remained strong, big celebrity pages kept using them and we heard no reports from Facebook against providr.

Providr’s Response On Page Delete Issue So far

Providr has multiple times denied this and they claim that it’s not provide links that are causing the pages to be unpublished or deleted. While we have personally noticed multiple more pages of other publishers disappearing from Facebook.

Our stats so far confirm that providr links are not safe and you should stop posting providr.com links until you clearly notified otherwise.

Make sure you do your own research before posting any brand links on your pages.

At the end, we want to make it very clear that we have no agenda against providr.com. We wish they resolve the problem and deal with the publisher’s concern more seriously and provide actionable suggestions.

In upcoming articles at digital makeeter, you will see many more similar comparisons full of insights and in-depth analysis. So keep visiting our website.

We will be soon listing the brands which are safe to use and also provide you with actionable suggestions on how to post links safely on your Facebook pages. And if you want us to review any brand of any service then please mention it in the comments below.

If you are a Facebook page owner then your feedback matters most.  Tell us what you think about our concerns against using providr.com

These Pages Disappeared Or Unpublished This Week

image of how it looks when facebook deletes or unpublishes any facebook page or account
facebook unpublished pages

Digital Markeeter team has gathered some more interesting statistics which strengthen our claims that providr.com links are not safe to post.

We are providing links to the pages, which were either unpublished by Facebook or they disappeared from Facebook due to some unknown reason.

https://www.facebook.com/vavamagazine (800k)

https://www.facebook.com/Wedding-Rings-548732338611373 (130k)

https://www.facebook.com/Style-Addiction-162203720846535/ (100k)

There is one common thing in all those pages. That they were consistently posting providr.com links on their pages.

This Is Why Facebook Took Down Providr

So there has been an update. Providr confirmed the reason why they faced the issues with facebook and what was the reason Facebook took down their website. Although people are still able to post providr links on facebook their reach is totally dead.

We received an email in which providr support team shared an update on this matter. They have been in touch with the Facebook team and have been trying to resolve this issue since last month. According to providr now according to new Facebook guidelines, publishers are not allowed to share instant articles repeatedly over different pages and this is why many people had to lose their pages and providr their brand which they established so hard.

This is the message that providr forwarded to us and many other publishers.

 On May 29th, Facebook updated their content sharing policies, specifically on Manufactured Sharing using Instant Articles. Oversharing Instant Articles content over numerous pages is no longer allowed by Facebook on Instant Articles. To stay compliant with Facebook policies, our new domain will only offer articles in non-Instant Articles format.

So, its safe to say that facebook does not like the publishers to share same content multiple times on their pages. Although according to providr this problem is with instant article only which means if a website is not using instant article then its safe for publishers to share their same content on multiple times.

Sharing same content is not a safe practice, so its recommended to publish mostly new content on your pages. And we will see how it goes on their new website.

Providr Launched New Domain Smmirk.com

Yes, it seems like providr did not have much luck with Facebook and they will have to wait few months to get their reach back on providr.com, although getting the same reach again is going to be very hard now especially when facebook flagged them once.

This might be the reason providr decided to launch a new domain and start their business operations again through this website.

Smmirk.com is pretty much same as providr.com but we hope they don’t repeat the same mistakes again on this domain as they did on providr.com

Providr has confirmed that this domain is operational now and publishers can start publishing their content using same old UTM codes again that they were using before to publish providr content on their pages. Here the email that we received earlier from porivdr.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new site smmirk.com. Effective today, a daily content email will be delivered to you with amazing articles on our new domain. If you notice you’re not receiving these emails, it could be due to your spam filters.

Please check your spam and/or promotions folder and markcontent@smmirk.comas “safe” (or the equivalent, depending on the email system you use). This will ensure that you will continue to receive emails from Smmirk.

Why the change? On May 29th, Facebook updated their content sharing policies, specifically on Manufactured Sharing using Instant Articles. Oversharing Instant Articles content over numerous pages is no longer allowed by Facebook on Instant Articles. To stay compliant with Facebook policies, our new domain will only offer articles in non-Instant Articles format.

As Smmirk is a new site, CPMs will increase over the next few weeks as we add new networks and optimize. As you know, our rates have always been the highest in the industry, and this will be the case with Smmirk.

Update 4th July: Providr Halts Publisher Payments

One more solid reason why you should not use providr.com or smmirk.com which is also a brand of providr.com. This is a big one. So providr now decides to halt the payments of all the facebook publishers on their network. The question any facebook publisher would ask providr is that we could have been better off if had posted the content on our website, instead of using providr. Because providr did not only get the publisher’s pages deleted but they even halted the payments of all their publishers.

This was reported to Digital Markeeter Team by more than 2 publishers. These publishers and us as well received an email by providr.com where they pointed out that due to problems with Facebook our payments have not been released therefore we cannot clear your payments. This is what they are sending in the email to all their publishers.

I hope all is well.
I’m reaching out today to inform you about payment for May 2018.
As you know, monetization is done through Facebook Instant Articles.
As of now, Facebook has put our May 2018 payment on hold. We have been trying to communicate with Facebook to get clarity on when the payment will be made.
We heard back from Facebook on Friday, June 29 and they advised us that they will let us know about the payment at the end of July 2018.
As soon as we receive payment from Facebook, I will reach out to further discuss the “Dedicated Solution” for your page.
My apologies for the inconvenience and please know that we are putting in all efforts to expedite payment.


Tell Us What You Think

If you are a facebook page owner who owns any of above pages or someone who lost their facebook page by posting unsafe links. Then comment below and tell us what happened went wrong with you.

We would also love to cover the side of providr.com in detail. So if you represent providr.com then contact us also or comment below.

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