Recommended Publisher Websites To Monetise Your Facebook Page Safely

Facebook is continuing to delete and unpublish pages and take down the websites which don’t follow their guidelines & Facebook is pretty bold about it. They are aggressively deleting profiles, pages or websites which are involved in suspicious activities.

Someone said on Quora that Mark Zuckerburg writes a code in hours which might take a developer few minutes. Well, we are not sure about how intelligent he is, but one thing that the guy is good at is that he is very hard working, and focused. Under his leadership, Facebook has continued to grow and it seems like its going to keep growing in future as well.

This is because they are not afraid of taking steps to save their platform. In past few years, mark has been continuously sharing on his timeline about the ideas and projects that he wants to fix and work on in future. One of those things is to take down the fake content sharing websites and facebook pages who share violating content.

Since Facebook is focusing so much on websites who don’t over exaggerate in their content headlines or description and the content that is properly fact-checked. It increases the importance of such websites even more.

One of the biggest problems the publishers with big facebook pages are facing is to partner with brands which are trustworthy and don’t post content which could put them in trouble.

So Digital Markeeter has gathered a list of websites, which are posting content which is getting good reach and great click trough ratios. Moreover, their content is so far considered safe.

These websites are continuously seeing a steady growth and their overall traffic is only increasing with every passing month.

Here, we are listing the names and links of those websites which are generating great revenues for their publishers and are posting viral and safe links.


  • Simplemost
  • Betterme
  • Viral Thread
  • Meaww
  • Bored Panda

This list is going to be populated even more in upcoming days as this blog is going to be updated with time, and we might remove or add various new websites based on their performance and reputation. We would be writing a review about each and above website in a new blog post where will discuss their pros and cons.

Even in this blog post we will be going in enough details and discuss above websites as for why they are good and why should you use them.

I was still writing this article, but there have been some urgent updates with Facebook, therefore, I am publishing this article without any delay.

The updates will be added in this article in a few days.

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