Remove Community Tab From Your Facebook Page

What Is Facebook Page Community TabĀ 

The community tab on the Facebook page is a separate tab under the Facebook page which acts as a feedback wall for your customers.

This is where your Facebook fans can interact with the page admins and share their opinions about different posts or services offered by the Facebook page.

Although it’s not yet possible to completely hide the community tab from your Facebook page there is a hack around it. Which you could use and actually hide most of the information that you would have wanted to hide.

How To Hide

What this hack does is it will hide all the posts videos, photos, or comments in your community area and will only show the top fans, which does not hurt right?

So it mainly does the job and the unwanted content that might have been posted against your page in the form of feedback that could be hidden.

So here is the solution to this. It’s very simple and would take no more than one minute.

Goto your page, click settings, general, visitor posts, and disable posts by other people on your page. Now no one can post anything within your community or create a new post on your page and also all the posts within your community tab will be hidden.

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