Top Tools For Bulk Post Upload And Schedule For Facebook

10 years before I was not aware of Facebook 9 years before I created my Facebook account first time and did not use it for the next two years.

6 years before I was not aware of what is WordPress. But now look at that, I would have never imagined that this is going to be my business. One thing I have noticed is that technology is developing rapidly and if you don’t keep yourself up to date with the latest technology trends then you are going to miss a lot and it would take a lot of hard work to make up for missing out when everything was developing.

One of those developments has been the rapid rise of Facebook & Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have grown tremendously and have been able to survive in between all the amazing new apps and social media platforms.

But, now they are many other giant platforms where it is necessary for content creators to maintain their presence so it’s not possible for small business owners to do all that manual hard work while they cannot hire manpower to do those tasks too.

Even if you hire someone for the lowest price then it will be still expensive than using online automated software to automate that work.

The thing is these days every less skillful work is being replaced with automation and automation is happening like crazy in almost every field.

Facebook and Instagram are the top social media platforms and its really important to keep posting regularly there to organically grow your Facebook page or Instagram account.

As automation is the way to go and automation is future so I am listing a few of my favorite online software or websites below. I am going to keep updating this list depending on the services I have tested myself on several of our client’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.


The paid package starts from 10 USD a month. Fp Traffic is developed by luke king who is also a founder of lukepeerfly and several other amazing websites like this. He is the kind of guy who develops things that I feel I really wanted for myself.

So FP traffic is mainly facebooked focused website. Which can completely schedule and automate your Facebook posting?


  • Extremely simple and easy to use.
  • You can bulk-upload files and schedule for months in seconds.
  • You can check post analytics.
  • The site is very fast.
  • Link RSS Feed to automate blog links on your Facebook pages.
  • You get a free trial for 14 days.
  • You can schedule and find the content according to your niche from Tumblr, bing, youtube, Giphy, Reddit, Flickr, Amazon & eBay


  • You can only login with Facebook and signup with Facebook, which I don’t like it because you get logged out without activity for a few hours or if you close the tab. I would really prefer the email signup and login.
  • It only offers to schedule for Facebook. Instagram is a must. Adding an Instagram bulk upload feature will make it really cool.

I am currently testing this website. and I am pretty happy with them so far, to be honest. I might even buy a paid plan. But I will be testing other sites too which offer Facebook and Instagram bulk scheduling so if I find an alternative that gives them both then I will surely buy that plan instead of fp traffic.

But in few words, I really like fp traffic for facebook scheduling and i would definately recommed it.

A note from owners who own above mentioned websites. If you think you have made improvements and added the mention features Then let me know so i mention that in pros of your website review above.

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