Soon You Will Be Able To Add Links In Facebook Stories

Facebook is working on this new feature and this will be a game changer. Facebook has been constantly innovating and coming up with new features and updates from its users.

Facebook is not only taking steps to make the users more secure on their platform and removing the bad actors by being very strict against any violations, but recent updates on Facebook also show a pattern how they are trying to improve and help publishers at the same time.

Facebook publishers have been really struggling to keep up with the regular changing of its platform and most of the small publishers have been affected by the recent crackdowns. Many people have lost their pages and who have their page they have extremely low reach on their facebook pages.

But not everything is bad on facebook for publishers. Especially in last year with the introduction of Facebook ad breaks, Facebook provided a huge opportunity to eligible publishers which were rolled out to everyone within a few months.

Now after ad breaks the next big thing that is coming on Facebook is that you will soon be able to add links in your facebook page stories.

Although there have been reports this feature is available for certain people and page owners but this is how Facebook has been doing from the last few years.

Because launching a new feature, first they break the news to media and create hype around it, then they make this feature available to selected publishers for testing purposes and within a year or so they roll out the feature to everyone.

So we hope, the ability to add links in your facebook will be available within few months, although there is still a way to add links to your facebook page stories, which is to connect your Instagram account which has minimum 10k followers with your facebook page.

Adding links to facebook stories comes on a time when Facebook has cracked down on blogs owned by small business owners. This will be a huge lift for small and big media publishers as the facebook page stories are getting hugely popular lately and there has been a great response by users.

Since 10th April facebook has reduced the link click ratio on links, as they introduced new and very aggressive algorithms to find which websites are actually sharing unique content which is liked by the users and also now they consider how popular is your website on the internet rather than only considering your popularity on Facebook.

So the ability to add links to facebook page stories would be a huge boost for media publishers to attract their audiences in a different way.

Update: 17th September 2019

This feature has been rolled out now and now you can add links in facebook stories through pages manager app in App Store or Play store

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