Swapd.co Bullying Its Users By Unnecessarily Forcing To Provide Id Proof

Well, the motto at swapd.co seems

Its My Way Or High Way

Swapd.co has recently gained reasonable popularity amongst its audience. Swapd.co offers online buying and selling of social media account. You may sell your Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc page or buy from here.

They also have another website which offers similar services https://viralaccounts.com

Although on swapd quality is not guaranteed but they have real sellers. So even if you did not get what you really wanted then its probably your own fault. As you did not research enough.

Anyways, After gaining some popularity, it’s unfortunate that Swapd.co administration did not work on its support system. And their employees or forum moderators can be very aggressive regarding any complaint and act as bullies.

So if you are disappointed by anything and if you complain about something that you did not like then be prepared to get banned. Such things happen when there is no check and balance and they know there is no one keeping an eye on you and you will not be accountable for your behaviour.

Well Digital Markeeter has been exposing Different startups, websites or platforms which either offer fake services or depict some kind of abusive behavior as we experienced it this time with swaped.co

With growing cybersecurity concerns more and more startups have actually started to ask for id proofs.

But providing your identity proof just to any website cannot be considered safe as in this case with swapd.co.

I am trying to write this article by providing both good and bad reasons about swapd.co because it involves personal experience, therefore, its very important to remain unbiased and provide a transparent review about swapd.

So, we have been a member of swapd from sometime. We basically used the platform for informational purposes and never performed any transactions on it.

But still we were asked to provide the id proof to continue using the swapd.co. This was quite unexpected and it was uncomfortable too as we are just browsing the website and not doing anything serious which should require id proof.

The request for id proof did sound very suspicious too as why would you need id proof from someone who has never bought anything from your website.

And its also not like you are facebook with over 20 billion users monthly on your website. Currently, your traffic is  70k monthly users according to the similar web. So there was no big reason apparently to force a user to get verified.

By traffic comparison we dont mean to insult as still their traffic is decent but that was just an honest opinion on why they should not have asked for verification. Although we do believe swapd.co also provides valuable resources to users.

It’s just that the verification took it too far. And whats worst was that their support is absolutely rude and nonprofessional.

After being asked for identity verification without any apparent reason it was very annoying. And we refused to verify by saying we refuse to verify and did call it shitty forum.

Which was mainly said in anger and as an individual!

But the response from their support team was absolutely horrible. We were handed a ban just for saying that and for refusing to provide identity proof which i was serriously not comfortable with. Well, if i am doing transation then its understandable, but just for browsing the website you need my id proof? Thats very suspicious.

Even Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest Dont Not Have Such Attitude. We hope they improve their behavior.

For any concerns on this article or to complain about mistreatment by swapd.co please email us at admin@digitalmarkeeter.com


6 thoughts on “Swapd.co Bullying Its Users By Unnecessarily Forcing To Provide Id Proof”

  1. Hello!

    This is Dave, one of the admins on SWAPD. Thank you for your opinion on our website and we apologize if you felt scorned. However, we find it amusing that you have the audacity to say “And we refused to verify by saying we refuse to verify and did call it shitty forum” while calling us rude.

    Your whole opinion piece is just a long rant of you acting rude, not complying with our policies, then getting removed from our webstie. Thanks again, John Christopher for showing your side of the story.

    • Hi Dave, Its good to hear from you. I understand that swapd.co is your website and your rules. But still what matters is the relation between a brand and a customer/client/user.
      I have been in this business and I know being a business it’s your responsibility to keep cool even if you feel a user is being unreasonable. You just cannot do that to your user that was very unprofessional.
      I did mention in the blog what actually happened, and that takes courage to mention rude words that I said. Just because I don’t want it to sound like an article totally against you.
      And just like I got angry on your site by your unreasonable demand according to me, similarly, you did same in your comment. I did not like your comment too. But I would not block you. And I appreciate you for showing your concern.


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