Synthesys Review – Realistic Human Video/Voice Over Generator (25th Sep 23 Update)

What is 

Synthesys or meetsyntheses (As it is being advertised under two domains) is an ai text to speech and text to video software.


Recently, synthesys launched a lifetime deal on Appsumo, as they looked really promising and offered extremely useful services, therefore, digital markeeter decided to give it a try and see if it fulfills the expectations as the advertised video on their website looks very eye-catching and well made.


At Digital Markeeter, we wondered if it was really possible to have the same features that were advertised on their website, in their video, and on appsumo. We wanted to test if synthesis actually had the following features.

  • The same voice-over quality in ai text to video
  • text to video quality
  • number of words allowed to create a video
  • number of words allowed to create a voice over
  • human voice resemblance in the videos
  • human voice resemblance in the text to speech voiceovers
  • Human characters resemble real humans.


So at digital markeeter, I purchased and tested it, and here are my first thoughts, Right away what I absolutely loved was the

  • quality of the text to speech, the quality was actually excellent. and it felt like a human voice.
  • All languages sounded like real human voices in the text-to-speech.


I tested in English and Urdu languages. I was more impressed by the quality of the Urdu language. Because if they are focusing on all languages so much then they are future-oriented and I can believe that they are going to improve a lot in the future.

So right away I give 5 stars for the human quality of the voiceovers as they literally sounded like human voices.


This Is going to be a big list.

  • I did not like the video studio. It was a pretty good effort but I feel like the video characters could be improved to make them look more human plus the voiceovers in the video creation sections did not feel like the same quality as compared to voices in the voice-over sections.
  • only under 200 words are allowed to create a video.

What I really hated about using meetsynthesys?
I was thinking of keeping the deal as there were many shortcomings but I felt like I could give them some more time to improve their platforms and as their voiceovers are so good, I could just use them for now!
so I was good until this point. Then before I wanted to make the final decision on whether I should keep the deal or not I tried creating the voiceover.
Here is where meetsynthesys lost me.

  • The first huge drawback was that I could only use a maximum of 1000 words to create the voiceover.
  • and then the created voice-over I divided into 20-second multiple voices.
  • And if I did not want the 20-second multiple mini voiceovers, then I was only allowed a maximum of 100 words.

That seems pretty low limit and they had already lost me.
But that was not all,

  • the voice-over took ages to render and be ready to download

Final Thoughts

So just refunded the deal. and would be checking them again after a few months, if they improve these small things then it will become a must-buy as they have huge potential and there is also huge demand in the industry for this kind of tech.


Plus most of the established websites in this niche are slightly expensive and they are not affordable for everyone.
So if synthesys makes these important updates, Then this deal becomes really serious.

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