How Many Views You Need To Monetize Facebook Videos With Ad Breaks

Getting approved for facebook video ad breaks is a different thing and after getting approved to monetize your every video for ad breaks is a different thing.

This article is about people who are not able to show ad breaks on their videos even after their page is approved for ad breaks.

So, If you are new or haven’t yet started using Facebook ad breaks to monetize your Facebook page videos with ad breaks then monetizing you all video content for ad breaks is a slightly complex task.

If you have posted videos on your page and it has taken months of weeks or days and yet they are not approved for ad breaks and shows pending facebook review on them, then it certainly means that you are not generating enough views.

According to a case study that we conducted we found out no videos were monetized with ad breaks even after months of posting them but when the views of those videos were increased then they started to get approved for ad breaks.

Which inshort means any video you publish on your facebook will not be monetised for facebook ad breaks.

Facebook reviews all your videos before they monetise it with ads. This process seems to be auto-approved and if you meet the required criteria then your videos will be automatically approved for facebook ad breaks.

Criteria For Enabling Ad Breaks

As i mentioned facebook has criteria which you need to meet to show ads on your Facebook videos. That criteria consist of 2-3 main things

One and the most important thing of them is getting a specific number of views on your videos. Facebook wants you to provide value to your users, which is also very clear from Facebook’s updates from the past 2 years.

So your videos must generate a good number of views only after that Facebook will allow ads on them. The number of views you need to get the facebook ad breaks enabled on your videos range from 3500-4000 views per video according to our research.

We have gone through it and verified it on many videos that we posted. So we are very positive about the number of views you need to show ads in your videos.

The second criteria are the language of the video you are posting. Even the video description/title needs to be in English or in language which is currently accepted by Facebook for ad breaks.

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