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WordPress Featured Image Not Debugging On Facebook – Easy Solution




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I just cannot tell you how much trouble this issue has caused me in the recent past. Now if you are a website owner then you know how expensive it is to hire a web developer and get such bugs fixed by him.

Now don’t get me started on finding a good web developer. That issue is for another day because that would need quite some explaining to tell you guys how to find a good web developer. I will surely link the article here when I write that.

As a website owner, we tend to keep getting stuck in small bugs or issues on our website and this is the learning everyone has to go through and everyone must go through it.

Wordpress Featured Image Not Debugging On Facebook solution

Because this is going to make your life so easy if you know all this. Now I have experienced this issue a lot and I had to lose a lot of traffic and lost quite a bit of revenue also.

What happened was that I would post the link on Facebook and it will not debug the image. Then I would debug it through the Facebook debugger and it won’t load the featured image there also. I Thought if I scrape it again then it might work as it did in the past. But that did not help also.

Ok, now I was sure it is something out of my scope so I decided to contact my web hosting service provider wpx hosting. I told them the issue and explained everything to them.

The support guy tried his best got the website login details and tried everything that he could. But unfortunately, he could find what is the issue actually. Then he creates a support ticket and now you are put on days for the solution.


Don’t get me wrong I totally love wpx hosting and this is one of the best decisions I have taken so far. Absolutely amazing support and services no complaints really apart from a little complaint which I will describe below.

Before joining them all the web hosting companies used to break my sites and were not able to handle the load or provide good quality. But my search stopped at wpx.

So when the support agent at my web hosting company told me he is creating a ticket I could not wait that long as I had the traffic on my site and this could not continue like this for long.

So I decided to give it one more try myself but thoroughly. After a lot of trying and testing eventually I knew what was wrong and that was this stupid plugin.

There are not any plugins out there which I really hate more than this plugin. I have had a bad experience within the past on few occasions and once again it was this plugin again. The plugin was w3 total cache.

plugin  w3 total cache
plugin w3 total cache


I was fuming at that time when I found out what was causing the issue. There were a few reasons which annoyed me. One I don’t normally use this plugin anymore and I don’t install it myself. But this plugin is now auto-installed on any new domains on wpx when you install the WordPress on it.

I suspect they have some kind of partnership with w3 total cache and get paid for installing it on users’ websites and get paid to do it. But they denied this and said they only install it because they think it is best for the site.

But whatever why would you install anything on my site without my permission? I hope wpx support notices this issue and fixes it.

yes, guys, so simple solution is that you delete w3 total cache plugin and install another cache plugin. I use wp super cache plugin. There are many reasons why i liked this plugin but the main is its simple to use and does its job.

use wp super cache plugin
use wp super cache plugin

Troubleshooting Your Website

I suggest whenever you get into such troubles to simply disable your plugins and see if the problem is solved. Because mostly it is some plugin that is causing the issues on your website.



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