Youtube Will Let You Keep Verification Badge On Your Channel

This is new and really comforting, to be honest. So youtube recently announced they were making changes on their platform and verifying your youtube channel will not be as easy as it was before and there will be many factors that you will need to implement on your youtube channel to be approved for getting a verified channel badge.

After this announcement, the most popular youtube channel like PewDiePie lost their verified channel badges. We also lost verified channel badge after this update.

But now youtube seems to have taken  turn on this decision and have started to reverse it. So because of this, all the channels which already had verified channel badge have gotten their verified badges back.

As youtube made another announcement just now as said


We’ve heard you and we’re making updates to our verification program. If your channel already has the verification badge, you will now keep it.

This is great news for youtube video creators who had worked so hard for this. And respecting their efforts and returning their verified badges is a great step by youtube.

Let’s see youtube what youtube has in their mind in future. And what kind of improvements they will be making on their platform in the future.


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